Geometry 101

This week has been.. fast. Like I didn’t feel that it had been a week at all. And this is pretty surprising, considering I spend 12 hours a day at school and all the other hours preparing for it. But, it’s the good kind of surprise since I get to take a sort of break from the whole “SCHOOL” thing.

So, I had to take Geometry to pass 2nd Year and if I’d  learned something, it’s that you should never..ever.. assume. It could lead to total failure and eternal wrongness. You should use postulates, laws, theorems, and the like to prove your statement. 

This could also be used in life. Don’t assume that someone likes you, unless you have concrete proof or the dude had the guts to confess. If you do, it would lead to overthinking and eventually, craziness. There’s a lot of reasons why a guy would be nice (or flirting with you). Some of them could be: a. Your a bet, b. He’s just being a bro-friend, c. just fucking around (flirting spree), and d. just really genuinely truly likes you.

From all the choices I have stated above, the last one’s the least likely, at least in my case. But,, theoretically speaking, if the world’s not a bitch, I’d really sorta like a guy liking me. Just, liking me for me. I’m not saying that I’d say yes to him or whatever.  I just want to know that I’m likeable or have enough looks, smarts, and charms to be liked by an actual dude.

This post is messed up for so many reasons. Damn these hormones and the thing called “teenager”, acting all girly and shit. Yuck! Now, I shall go watch the movie, “Hopeless”.




And she’s got everything that I have to live without ~~

Here I go again, writing another blog post when I should really be writing my world history homework. I can’t help it. This is my only time to write and during the duration of writing this post, I feel guilty of wasting my time. But doing what you love isn’t that much of a waste, is it? Besides, I’ve been sleeping all day, I can probably sleep late tonight.

I’m quite an undesirable girl that persists on being optimistic when she’s really very pessimistic. My size isn’t exactly ideal and my looks.. well. Point is,  a boy liking a girl like me is a long shot. I couldn’t imagine it happening in a million years. Although I thought of how a guy would even try liking me, probably some bet or joke.

Yes, a joke. I’m a human being that has no hope of being fallen in love with. I mean, I know there are some love stories that prove me wrong, but love could be non-mutual or one-sided. What would happen if I really like a guy (even possibly love him) but he doesn’t love me back? Is that considered?

But like any other other girl, I dream about my very own prince charming, someone who’d sweep me off my feet and take me to happy ever after. I can’t help but feel sorta envious to the girl someone/someones fancies. Is it really hard to be her? She seems PERFECT. But then again, maybe not.

Ugh, these hormones are turning me into some hopeless dramatic romantic. YUCK! Whether I like it or not, this is not a fairytale nor a wish-granting factory. But I do believe that there is someone out there somewhere that would like me for me. And I do hope I meet him in this life.