Flash Post 015: Summer Rant

Summer isn’t exactly going the way I planned. But then again, what does?

Summer term classes are alright. It’s a bit challenging for me because of the mindset that it’s supposed to be SUMMER. I end up spending more time watching Korean drama or movies, ┬ásleeping way to early, and waking up WAY to late. The bed seems more appealing than usual, even though I’m not all that tired. It’s not like I’ve cut class or anything, I was just almost late ONCE. But it’s still unusual because I usually wake up at least two hours before my first class. NOT 45 minutes.

Besides school, I’m still experiencing a terrible case of writer’s block. It’s been 19 days since I last posted an entry in this blog and I’m really inactive in my Wattpad account. And it’s just really sad. It’s summer and I love writing, so why can’t I write? I need to learn more about how to write better and to actually write.

I still haven’t loss any weight. Due to my schedule, I can’t go to the gym, so I need properly stick to my diet and to get more exercise. I don’t exactly know how to do that, yet. But I want to skate and to be able to do that right, I need to be healthier and more fit.

And it’s just a bit saddening to still be me while other people are evolving and doing great in life. Just a thought.

(Note: So summer’s kinda sad, right now, but it’s gonna be alright and I’m alright. I’ll make sure my next post is a lot more positive and decent than this haha.)




Flash Post 004:Writer’s BLOCK

It’s 2:53 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’ve been trying to write something decent in my Wattpad account for two hours and I can’t seem to think of anything good enough not to delete afterwards.

THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING WRITER’S BLOCK THAT I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED! I have like 0.0% inspiration to write and it sucks BIG TIME. I know I want to write something, something inspired and publish-worthy, but I can’t write.

I just unfriended my best friend because I couldn’t get over what we talked about and agreed on the other day. I feel that it’s better not to be reminded of that person for a while because it’s quite troublesome, really.

I just over think a lot of things too much. I’m sure these stuff will pass eventually.

School starts next week though.

(NOTE: Still no boyfriend, just a super close best friend.)

A Severe Writer’s Block

I’m amazed by the ability of my favorite authors to write awesome stories without experiencing it firsthand. I’ve been re-reading “The Fault In Our Stars” and it is still as wonderful as the first time I read it. I seriously have a huge crush on Augustus Waters, but unfortunately, he’s fictional and dead. Reality sucks.

Anyways, have you ever experienced a really bad writer’s block? Well, that’s what I’m going through right now. I’m currently in the process of writing a story about love, and I can’t seem to start it because I don’t know how to begin. I’ve got the plot already, all that’s left is to write the actual story and the MS Word doc is B-L-A-N-K.

How do you cure a writer’s block? I guess it’s by looking for inspirations and such. I’ve sorta been doing some research related to the novel I’m writing on. I’ve never done research about stuff I write in my stories because so far, everything has been completely fictional. I was only grade 6 when I published my first book in Wattpad and it’s, well, not that great.

I have high expectations for this book. I want it to be as romantic and well-known as those Nicholas Spark’s novels I always see people reading and watching. I don’t want it to be a mere pocketbook, but rather something that would make a mark.