Have you ever just let yourself laze around with feeling only a slight tinge of guilt? Well that’s basically what I’ve been doing since last Thursday, right after I pass my final requirement for last semester. I’ve gotten my grades for all but one class, but I know my grade in that class, anyway. So, I’ve passed 6 out of my 8 classes last semester (well, 4/6 if you don’t count PE and community service) and, honestly, that’s better than the worst case scenario I had in mind. I’m sad that I didn’t pass all of them, but I really had a hard time this semester, especially with those two classes, so I’ve accepted it already and I’m just gonna have to take them again.

So, I’ve done nothing “productive”, in particular this past weekend. I’ve been trying to install a game that I’ve wanted to play for such a long time. But for some reason, it wouldn’t work, so I’ve given up on it. I’m a bit pissed cos I really wanted to play it, but life goes on and I need to work on mine. YES, I’m writing this post cause’ I can’t play the game. NO, I won’t be trying to install the game again. YES, my several failed attempts to install the game served as a wake up call for me to get my shit together, even though it’s technically summer.

What am I planning to do this summer? I don’t really know, yet. I guess I’d want to try going on a diet, again, to lose weight. Exercise a bit. Try becoming more of an adult cause’ I’m almost not a teenager. Write as much as I can, both in this blog and in my Wattpad account. Learn new skills, both practical and not-so-practical. Paint more and try digital art. And spend time with my family and friends.

Why am I writing all that down here? It’s my blog. It’s been my blog for five years and counting. And I just need to get my act together, so I’m writing it all down. Here.

So, I guess that’s that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write again this week. I’m probably going to post “My Favorite Things 003” soon, so stay tuned. Or not. HAHAHA.


(Note: The title of this post is “Puzzles” cos it’s better than my initial idea, “Sh*t Gathering”, and I just think that I need to put the myself back together again. NOT GOING THROUGH ANYTHING. JUST ONE HUGE MESS OF A HUMAN BEING. BUT EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT.)

Also, a sneak peek of my next post (aka what I’ve been doing with my summer, so far)


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I Would Just Like To Say..

…that you are absolutely amazing. Yes, you, my dear reader, are something else. You are unique and different in your own special way and no one could be better at being you than you. You were born to stand out so don’t you even dare try to fit in with normal people because normality is completely overrated. That’s your life, not anyone else’s.

Paint your own picture or write your own book. Don’t let anybody else write it for you. There’s always going to be up’s and down’s and turn around’s, but if you look at the bigger picture of life, it’s a comedy not a tragedy. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, fear the greatest mistake of not trying. 

This is coming from the girl who never left her cage, who never came out of the cave, who’s still afraid of straying too far from the sidewalk. But, sometimes you’ve got to think it through before jumping off a cliff, if the jump was worth the fall. There’s a thin line between silly and life-ruining stupid. Figure it out. 

Enjoy the rain for a rainbow cannot appear without it and believe in unicorns, because they are real, only with flaws (hippopotamus). Life happens and accept it as it is. You lose some and you win some. Don’t stare too long at a closed door cause’ you might not see all the doors that are open for you. 

To be honest, this was supposed to be a sort of letter to my ‘cutation’ which I really wanted to publish but then I realized that some things are more important than that, so don’t you forget to be awesome!