Flash Post 039: Deductively Valid Arguments

It’s 2:40 in the morning and I am once again studying for an exam that I will be taking on the same day. Good morning!

I am surprisingly doing better than I expected in my Philosophy classes. I can still do better than this though. A lot better.

There’s a guy in my Logic class who got perfect scores in the diagnostic exam before our professor taught us anything (about the course) and in the mock exam that we took yesterday. What a dude!

I am writing this post because I need to stay awake until I finish at least till’ my sixth reading, so that I could finish the four remaining readings (all related to each other) in the later (the legit morning that I recognize because right now is just “late-r night”).

Some of my friends are graduating and I’m really really happy for them. Seeing them graduate and succeed makes me feel a messy mix of envy, shock, and admiration. At my current academic standing, it’s almost impossible for me to attain Latin honors when I graduate, but I kind of still want to despite the odds.

I have a midterm exam tomorrow in my logic class (which is the exam that I am currently studying for) and I have to write a midterm paper for my other Philosophy class due Sunday night. For the midterm of a summer term, this is pretty do-able compared to last year (probably because I took Calculus and Sociology last year).

I am still working on my next “My Favorite Things” post and I’m kind of happy that it’ll have a lot of content that I actually really enjoy nowadays when it’s done.

I sometimes wonder why and how I’m such an inefficient person despite being a student taking up a course that stands for efficiency and effectiveness.

I have one serious crush and a few happy crushes. I’m still very much happy with seriously crushing on that one guy though. But it’s also fun having  happy crushes, especially when you have a friend who has the same taste as you and there’s absolutely no awkwardness.

I really need to lose weight because I want to try ice skating again and I gained weight over the past few months. Argh. Also, I want to fit in those pretty dresses on sale that I see whenever I go to the mall.

Why can’t I just be like those people who eat A LOT but never gain any weight/never get fat?

It’s 3:00 and I have to get back to studying. Till’ next time~!!







My Favorite Things 004


take me to the (3).jpg

I HAVEN’T WRITTEN A SINGLE POST FOR THE MONTH OF JULY!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! NEVER have I had a single month without posting since I began this blog (March 2012), until now. I’m both very sorry to my readers (if any) and to myself because I’ve let this blog down for a month and it’s just unacceptable, especially to past me.

But anyways, I’m back now and I am never not going to post for a whole month, no matter how busy and uninspired I might be. Since I haven’t posted in a LONG while, I’m gonna post something happy and decent… MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!

1. Ice Skating

Yuri! on Ice has definitely changed my life, at least in a small scale. It went from watching the anime to watching performances of real life skaters to trying my luck with the ice and, finally, to wanting to actually be good at skating.

I’ve only been skating for eight months (about 10 times, more or less) but I’m getting rather good at it. My forward skating is getting faster and my form is improving, too. I can glide with one foot at a time for about 3-4 seconds. I can also backward skate by doing backward swizzles! I’m getting better at it and a bit faster, but it still needs work. I like gliding side to side and, recently, I’ve been trying to spin by making a circle on the ice. I can’t really explain it well, but it’s a really fun move to do.

If you haven’t tried skating, I suggest you give it a try. I’ve made three out of four of my elementary best friends try it and two of them seem interested to learn more. One of them actually learned how to skate as a kid, but she’s already forgotten while one of them was very determined to learn without a coach, which is very admirable.

I absolutely love ice skating and I’m planning to save up to pay for formal lessons because apparently an assist coach can only teach you the basics.

2. I Know It’s Today Animatic (by Sugarberry Art)

A few months ago, my sisters showed me this animatic of the song “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek: The Musical and I just really liked it since then. I’m including it in this particular board because I recently downloaded the song on my phone and now I’m experiencing LSS. It’s supposedly sung by Fiona in the musical, but here, it’s sung by a girl who’s tired of waiting for her prince charming.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch Wonder Woman in the cinemas, but I did get to watch this awesome movie! Unlike all the other Spiderman movies, it doesn’t start from the begin with the whole Uncle Ben arc, rather it starts after Captain America: Civil War which is Spidey’s first cameo in a Marvel film. I guess I like how they started it from there in a way, since that arc was already used in twice. And yes, both of those versions made me cry a lot, especially Andrew’s.

I don’t want to spoil you on anything about the film, so let me just say that it’s got a lot of action and I think a lot more can relate to Peter this time around with him being thought of as a kid by “the adults”, with him having a crush and wanting to go to homecoming with her, with having a super cool best friend, and with wanting to do more with life.

I’m not really an expert, but I liked this movie and, if you have the time, you should watch it, too.

4. Plastic Memories

I’ve had a copy of this anime for a while now, but I heard it’s a bit of a tearjerker and I wasn’t up for those until recently. I think I’d spoil you if I say that it’s a lot similar to a particular anime, so let me just say that I think it deals a lot with life, friendship, and love. I know my description’s pretty vague, but it made me cherish life more and it made me remember the quote “Memento Mori” which translates to “Remember that you have to die”. I gave it a 9.5/10 just because I felt something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Really solid anime and I definitely recommend it!

5. Ice Skating Tutorials

Related to the first item, tutorials from Youtube really help me learn how to ice skate better. Though I got an assist coach to check my form during forward skating and to teach me how to backward skate and stop, I think the tutorials are still very helpful to beginners and even for advanced skaters, as well. There’s a lot of them in Youtube, but the ones I’ve downloaded are from Hockey Tutorial, Eye Katie, and Sports and Outdoors.

Hockey Tutorial:

Eye Katie:

Sports and Outdoors:

6. The Flash

I just recently acquired a copy of all the episodes of The Flash from season 1-3 and I decided to binge watch before school starts. I’m already done with first season (binge watched till’ 3 am), so now I’m watching the second season. Since I’m a bit late, there’s A LOT of spoilers available on the internet, but I am sticking with just watching the series because if I spoil myself, even a little bit, I’d just want to know how things work out and end up not finishing the series.

I definitely think Grant Gustin is a cutie and a hottie (I mean, who doesn’t??) but that’s not the only reason why I love watching the series. It’s also cause’ of the action and the plot. The characters really have their own different personalities and the plot talks a lot about family, friendship, working hard towards your potential, and the future. It’s a really great series to watch and to follow (since season four’s coming soon!!!).

7. Inokori Sensei (English Cover by JubyPhonic)

Another video I’ve been slightly addicted to. I’m specifying a cover for this item, but the original one’s really good, too. I just can’t understand the Japanese characters in the title, so I just went with this one. I won’t tell you anymore about it cos everything’s spoilers, but it’s just a little over 5 minutes, so please do watch it!!

Original Version w/ English Subs:

English Cover by JubyPhonic:

8. Dean Fujioka

I knew him as the singer of the AMAZING Yuri! On Ice opening song, but damn this guy is really A LOT more than that. I found out he also acts in dramas (both Taiwanese and Japanese) and is fluent in four languages, besides his singing career! I just finished the last episode Please Love the Useless Me and thought to check the site if there were any more episodes when I saw the cast list and there he was! Dean freakin’ Fujioka!!

Not only is he an amazing singer and fluent in Japanese (1/4), but he’s also a great actor! Like daaaaaamn! You should really watch his dramas and keep in mind that he’s the singer of History Maker! I’ve watched two of them (Please Love the Useless Me and Hapi Mari). Also, he’s a 36-year old man married to a beautiful Indonesian woman with Japanese origins and they have two adorable children (twins!!).

Just keep that in mind when you watch the dramas haha. You’ll find someone, don’t worry.

History Maker (skip to 1:28):

Please Love The Useless Me:

9. ReLife

Like Plastic Memories, I had a copy of this anime for a while, but I only decided to watch it a few weeks ago. I’ve seen the manga around, so I was glad that they made an anime. It deals with friendship, a bit of love, and a lot about life. As you can probably tell from the title, the main character is given another chance at life and what he does from there on.. you’ll just have to see.

I gave the anime a 9.9999../10 only because it was cut too soon. I guess I’m just gonna have to read the manga. Also, it’s gonna have a live action this year!!


Live Action:

And last but not the least…

10. Turks(‘ Shawarma)

Beef Spicy w/o Cheese is

Image result for happiness gif

Image result for love gif

Image result for life gif


Image result for shawarma gif

I do not own anything. Credits to the rightful owners.

Well, that’s it for “My Favorite Things 004”! I really hope you give my suggestions a try cos’ they’re my go-to during sunny days and my silver linings during rainy days. I intentionally made it 10 things this time so that I don’t have to put a secret #10 haha.


Hope you’re having a great day and always always remember that you matter.

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My Favorite Things 001


Okay, so I decided to try something new for this blog, since it’s a new year, after all. I’m not quite sure what to call it yet so, for now, it’s called “My Favorite Things~” because I thought of that song from The Sound of Music while I was working on it. Basically, it’s a collage(-ish) of the things that I like (am sort of obsessed about) during a certain time. And what I’m posting today are the things I’m currently hooked to.

1. Yuri!!! on Ice

I started watching the anime during the week before Christmas. I didn’t think I’d like it that much since I wasn’t really into sports anime, but I’m so glad that I gave it a shot. I loved it! I don’t really want to spoil anything, so you could savor everything when you watch it, so I’ll keep my comments to a minimum. Besides the love you feel (yes, feel) between the characters, I loved the skating scenes because of the music and the skating itself. My appreciation for figure skating has increased a lot because of this anime and you’ll see in the next items how much this anime has affected my Christmas break and my life, as a whole.

2.Michael Martinez & Yuzuru Hanyu

While I was watching YoI, I also tried watching real life skating videos because I became interested in figure skating, in general. So I searched up Michael Martinez, the first skater in the Winter Olympics to come from Southeast Asia (kinda sounds like Phichit from YoI haha) and Yuzuru Hanyu, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics champion. I started with these two because they’re the ones I was most familiar with, but I’m browsing through more and more skating videos. I have huge respect for everyone in the skating industry- whether it’s figure skating or ice hockey- for being so passionate about something, for striving for what they love doing, for their immense dedication and perseverance, and so much more.

Michael Christian Martinez:

Yuzuru Hanyu:

3. Ice Skating

Another reason  why I salute skaters is because I know firsthand how hard it is to try skating. I mean, I’m sure most skaters started at a very young age, but I’m sure that they had to go through a lot to be as great as they are now (and they are great). I’ve only tried skating twice, but I kind of understand why they chose to pursue it anyway- because of that amazing feeling of gliding around the ice. And that’s just gliding! How much more amazing would it be to be able to spin and execute challenging jumps? Right now, I’m only a beginner, but I think it would be such a privilege to be able to learn more about skating. It also inspires me to strive for a fit body and healthy lifestyle because a skater would need stamina, endurance, flexibility, and the like to be able to skate properly and for a longer time duration. It’s something that bugs me a lot, but I know it’s possible and that I can do it (like Yuri haha goals!)

4. History Maker (Yuri!!! on Ice opening)

Whenever I listen to this song, I get really hyped! Originally, the song is sang by Dean Fujioka, but I’m currently really into Caleb Hyles’ version. The song itself is wonderful as it is though. It somehow gives me hope and motivates me to be better than I am now. I’m not really sure of anything at the moment, but I know that if I work hard enough, I can reach my dreams and go really far. I don’t know about making history, but I think that every little achievement is a milestone towards the future I want for myself. More than making history, I want to make an impact that would affect the lives of other people in a good way. I remember wanting to be in history books when I was younger, but now, I want people to remember me in their hearts as someone who did good, as someone who lived a good life and who gave it her all.

Anime Opening (Dean Fujioka):

Caleb Hyles’ version:

5. Bungou Stray Dogs

My siblings have been recommending this anime to me for a long time, but I only decided to watch it after they convinced (kinda forced) me to watch the first two episodes. Saying it caught my interest would be such an understatement. I was taken by the plot and the characters, as well as the animation and the action. Like YoI, I don’t want to spoil you on anything, but it’s something I would really encourage you to watch. It’s got a balance of comedy, action, fantasy, and a bit of drama. The characters aren’t just characters, rather, they have their own distinct personality and characteristics that make them them. 

You’d also see Atsushi Nakajima there in my board because he’s my favorite character (sorry, Dazai) mainly because of the character development you’d see from him. I can relate to him the most and you’ll just have to find out how when you watch it.

6. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

I love this anime because of how light and funny it is. There’s almost no drama and, overall, it’s an easy-going anime. It’s something I’d watch when I feel too down because it’s funny enough to lift up my spirit a bit. I’m going to spoil you a bit by saying that it’s a reverse harem, but at the same time, it’s kinda not. They’re together not only because they like the same girl, but because they enjoy each other’s company. And, well, the girl is really into Boy’s Love (also known as BL), so that creates a funny twist to the usual reverse harem situation.  The characters are interesting in their own way and you just enjoy watching it.

As you could probably see, there’s more pictures of a certain character, Asuma Mustumi (aka Mutsumi-senpai) because I’m rooting for him. I mean, I like all the other characters, but he’s my favorite because of reasons you’d understand when you watch it!

7. Hamilton

I honestly don’t know much about this yet since I only started being a fan yesterday. It started when I heard my siblings listening and singing along to “Satisfied” and “Congratulations”. I decided to give it a try and ended up enjoying myself. I love the beat and the lyrics of the songs. I’ll probably search up more about it and listen to more of the songs in its soundtrack. Also, I hope that I’ll be able to watch it live someday.



8. Hot Seafood Salad

I’ve liked this dish for a very long time, but it’s been a while since I last tasted it, so being able to eat it this Christmas break was it’s own kind of heaven. I kept on saying “Oishii!” and “Umai”. I know that’s a bit weird, especially when heard by a stranger, but it can’t be helped. I loved the dish and I was only expressing how much I enjoyed the meal.  I want to learn how to make it, so I’d be able to eat it more often and so that I could share it with my family and friends.

And that ends the board of “my favorite things”. I got the idea to make this from something an upperclassman of mine used to do on her blog. Actually, my friend and I made our blogs because we were inspired of that said upperclassman, so yeah, you could thank her for this segment and my blog. I’d tag her here, but we’re not that close haha.

Most likely, I’ll be posting again really soon because college resumes in 7 days and I’m still having kinda mixed feelings about it. I’m mostly happy and positive about it though, so it should be alright.

‘Till next time~

(Note: Honestly, I started writing this post by typing whatever I felt, but I had to stop midway because I lost the inspiration to write. So I re-wrote this post, making it a bit more organized and what not, and it ended up pretty neat haha.)