Almost a Month…

I’ve almost gone a month without posting anything here and what is happening?? I’ve been so busy with college and recently, I’ve been eating out more with friends. These past few weeks have been really stressful (Engineering Drawing, Math, and Physics please huhu) but it’s also been quite fun, mostly during the times when I’m not cramming anything. Still, I haven’t written anything in weeks and that’s not good.

I just finished my Physics exam today and though I’m not really confident with it, IT’S FINALLY OVER! For the next exam, I have got to remember not to cram everything in (less than) one night. Horrible, I tell you.

So just a little update with what’s up. Not that I need to update you. Just for when I look back at this post, I guess haha. I’m done with the 3rd exam in Math, 2nd exam in Engineering Drawing, 2nd exam in Physics, and I’ve gone to a military camp! This week we celebrated my friend’s birthday at a board games place and it’s the FOURTH time I’ve been there! Not that I’m tired of it. The place is really awesome and being with friends makes every time more amazing!


I guess this is it for now. I feel like updating my story in wattpad with another oneshot chapter, so you guys should check it out! Thanks!

How About Love?




Dreams, Dreaming, and Waking Up

Sleep is how the body tells you that you need to take a break from life and relax your senses. Dream is how your imagination wanders off to places too far from reality. And Waking up is how your dream ends and your life continues. Simple isn’t it? But here’s the catch: You can’t choose your dream and you cannot resume it once you’ve woken up. No matter how hard you try, you can’t go back to any of your dreams and you can’t make it rewind and play.

Am I making any sense? Haha.. not feeling that inspired to write right now, but attempting to compose at least one decent post this long weekend. ┬áHad a dream last night. I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t even what to remember it, but it’s here, in my mind. If only I could erase it and forget I ever dreamed it, I’d do it.

What to I want? All I know, for sure is that I don’t want to fall and get distracted again, like the previous years. And this.. THIS.. is going to lead me to nowhere but despair. I guess it’d be nothing if I didn’t pay too much attention to it, right? Stupid me.

This post is pretty useless but it’s still a milestone to what is called my life and it like saves a memory to my book of (both good and not so good) memories and I’m glad I actually wrote this. Now, I’m going to drink a whole bottle of softdrinks to drown these feels.