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Flash Post 28: In The Middle (of Finals Week)

Okay, so right now, I should be studying for an exam for the class where I’m still running for exemption from taking the finals. But I realized that there’s too many stuff going on inside my mind, so I decided to write a quick “Flash Post” before continuing my studies.

There are certain things I simply cannot think about right now AND that’s what this post is about, I think. To make things clear, I’ll neatly write it down as a list.

*Insert my name here*’s to-not-think-about list:

  • Whether or not I’m going to fail my Engineering Statics class
  • Whether or not I’m going to fail my Statistics majors class
    • Do not compute for the score you need for finals to pass.
    • Do not compare yourself with other people. You are your own person!
    • Don’t think you’re going to fail. Worse comes to worst, you still got that +2% attendance bonus!!
  • The mini movie house that just opened nearby
    • You ALREADY HAVE PLANS, so don’t do it. Just DON’T.
    • “Mother knows best.”
  • The guy I really like
    • You can deal with these kinds of things later, *insert my name here*. Now is NOT THE TIME TO BE THINKING ABOUT IT!
    • For Pete’s sake (who’s Pete?), DO NOT OVERTHINK!!!! It’s not helping anyone.
    • Rather than worrying over this, just think of him as an inspiration to slay finals week.
    • Okay, just don’t think about him and do your best 🙂 .

I just really need to get through this day and do great in my exam later, so that I can go home, be exempted from taking the finals for that class, and study for my only remaining final exam this Friday.


Bonus funny material:


It’s funny cause’ I really should be studying, but I stumbled upon it on Twitter. He should’ve still had a sign even though he’s not a “pa-fall” person. He’s just a reaaaaally nice guy that people have a tendency to like (or really like!), I think haha.

I really should be studying now, so bye.. for now 🙂

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Would You Be So Kind?~

I’m not hoping or wishing for anything.

I’m honestly fine with how we are.

I  just.. like you.

I don’t want to mess it up, but I think it’s fine if I leave that here.

And now every love song I hear reminds me of you.

Which sucks in it’s own way, but it’s not that bad to think about you.

I love Dodie!! ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. This makes me want to try playing the ukulele now!!




Flash Post 020: Is this blog even mine?

Because I keep writing about someone else.. 😦

I don’t know what I’m gonna do ’bout me liking you,

See, I think about you ALL THE TIME –  it’s distracting.

Should I stop this – just be friends? Is that what I should do?

Or should I keep this up – see what the future will bring?

I’d love to continue this poem, but I’ve only allotted 15 minutes for writing this and my time’s almost up. I think about the guy too much already, so I can’t let thoughts of him take up more of my time.

I should probably just stop this cos’, rather than him being just a happy crush, it’s become a sort of infatuation wherein I over think too much and it’s getting really.. alarming.

I think I’m allowed to post this since it’s highly unlikely that he’d read this and, even if he does, I doubt that he’d care.

Since, in his perspective, this poem isn’t for him and he’s not the person that I like.

Am I making sense? Well, sometimes it’s alright not to.

Well, he’s that sort of person – ever so slightly oblivious – but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

I guess, he just doesn’t know.

Or does he?

Probably not, but who knows?

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Dad, if you’re reading this, please don’t talk to me about it. If you do, I will change my URL or stop this blog and move to some other blog website. I swear.

To The Boy I Liked Once Upon A Time

I’d forgotten how scary it is to like someone,

To be extremely happy with them just being there.

I’ve liked a lot of guys, it could’ve been anyone.

But with you, I had no choice, it was like breathing air.


Let me just say that it is so hard not to like you.

For your beautiful smile, the sound of your laugh, I fell.

And the way you listen to me, that’s actually new.

I want to talk to you more, but these words- I won’t tell.



I like how we are now, I don’t want to change anything.

I really want to know you more, but for now, it’ll do.

Maybe you’d stop, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Still, thank you, for today was a bit brighter with you.


I CAN’T BELIEVE I WROTE SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!! I was browsing through my old high school notebooks and I found this little poem of a hopelessly romantic person. We might have changed and I might not like him in the same way anymore, but this poem remains the same and it was all real, once upon a time.

To clarify, this poem’s writer didn’t experience heartbreak due to the addressee. We became close friends and I just realized that I loved him as a friend, not in a romantic way. Funny how I used to really like the guy I’m now super close to.

Okay. Au Revoir~



Someday we’ll know…

As an avid reader of romantic novels and shoujo manga, I’ve grown to love the idea of “love”, referring to romantic relationships. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I read a very sweet line or when something good happens to the main characters. I can’t stop reading until I’m finished with it. And even after that, I re-read about a dozen times, only going back to the favorite parts though. I think about how nice it must be to be in a relationship with someone you love and loves you back- waiting for each other, going on dates, giving each other presents, and the like.

And as an avid reader, I also know that with all those wonderful things come with pain, sacrifice, and the risk of getting heartbroken. I think loving someone means giving them all of you and you accepting all of that person (yes, I love the song, okay?). That’s a lot to ask for from people. And being in a relationship requires time, effort, commitment, and loads of other stuff.

What’s my point? Well, I don’t think people shouldn’t rush in falling in love. It’s really difficult to give all of yourself when you’re not ready yet. Before you fall in love with another person, you’ve got to have already established a strong love for yourself and I don’t mean in a narcissistic way, rather in a way where no matter who leaves you and who hurts you, you won’t lose yourself and be strong enough to continue living, even if you’re alone.

And timing is also very important. You can fall in love with the right one at the wrong time and it won’t work out. You’ve got to make at least enough time and effort for that special person, or else you might drift apart. If what you two have is really love, I believe that both of you can wait for one another. If you truly love each other, you’re going to grow together and when the right time comes, when both of you are mature enough to make the right decisions for yourselves, it’s going to be magical.

Personally, I think it’s a hassle to date while being students. It could just be me, but I’ll put it out here all the same. A relationship just asks for so much of a person and I don’t think I can comply. But, to those couples who make it work, even if they’re just students, I truly salute you. I salute the way you guys balance acads, love, family, social life, sleep, family, and all those other stuff. I believe that as long as you love each other and make the time and effort, you will get through it. I think that way, you get to know your partner more, actually, cause’ you get to do academic-related stuff together, stress through hell weeks together,and what not.

I’m a hopeless romantic and an optimistic and as long as it’s really love, I believe in it.






Oh, and I have 0 experience in being in a relationship, so I don’t know what really goes on. I just read a lot of novels and manga to know enough, I think. Enough to not want to be in a relationship while I’m still in college. Hassle. AND IT’S NOT LIKE ANYONE WOULD COURT ME ANYWAYS, RIGHT? I FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY GUY TO COURT ME AS I AM NOW. Makes me curious as to how I’ll actually find a guy who loves me when I’m older HAHAHA.





*Warning: This is a completely idiotic and non-sense post about how I think about my current crush. If you’re looking for an inspirational post, I advise you to browse through my other posts. I’m sure I’ll have something to accommodate your needs.*

Now playing:

I don’t even know how to start with this post. It’s just completely unreasonable to be thinking like this about this. Why am I even thinking about this?Ah well, you must forgive me, at times, for being such a teenage girl filled with hormones and shit.

I really don’t know. I’ve gotten a bit closer to my crush since we’ve been hanging out with friends and we’ve been talking about stuff. And I’m practically losing my mind. It’s like I miss him even if we just haven’t talked for a day or two over the phone when I’m away or he’s away. It’s stupid.

Why do I even care when he barely cares about me? I’d think it’s okay if he felt a bit the same way, too, but fucking hell, I know he doesn’t. It’s really stupid of me to be gushing and ranting about this, but as I said, I’m quite hormone-y right now.

And I realized that I’m in love with the idea of having a relationship, well the good side of it. It’s very impractical for me to commit to something like that cause’ I really can’t commit to anything. I just want someone to act all couple-y with, hang out, care for, and the like. It’s selfish, really.

Oh well, this is completely useless and I’m writing this in a really terrible manner. I’m not even sure if I like the guy as a crush, anymore, or if I’m just really distancing myself from the idea cause’ I know this, whatever this is, is going to end and I’d probably mope around when it does.

I guess I’m content with getting to hang out with him and being his sort of friend. It’s really fine.

And I’m going to college, anyway, so college guys.. hahaha.. B-BAKAA!!

It’s just a crush anyway.. nothing more.. nothing less..

I’ll just laugh while reading this, in the future. I’m sure of it.

I’m laughing now… HAHAHAHAHHA :))

Okay, I’m going….