A Summer-y Summer Feeling

I’ve accepted the fact that I only have A MONTH (a month and a day, to be exact) of summer before college resumes. There’s nothing I can do about it and I’m done being depressed over that fact. And I shouldn’t think of going back to college like it’s the end of the world! Sure, even after a year, I’m still not quite used to it and it’s not going as smoothly as I thought it would (please refer to previous posts basically screaming “HELP!!”), but college isn’t supposed to be easy anyway. It’s supposed to give us a glimpse of the real world and to mold us into strong and smart individuals that are ready to take the world by storm, or at least survive it. I was barely holding on last quarter (and thankfully I made it! aka I didn’t fail anything!), so I need to get myself together and do better next year.

Moving on. I’m also done lying down on my bed, half the day, watching Descendants of The Sun (GREAT KDRAMA BY THE WAY!) and the other half of it feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t do anything worthwhile or productive in anyway. It’s like that time- the day before second sem started- when I had watched (and almost finished) an entire anime (Golden Time- consisting of 24 episodes.. I finished 22) within a day cause’ it was the only thing I did.. THAT WHOLE DAY! I thought I’d feel amazing afterwards, but no. In the end, I just felt that I wasted my last day of Christmas/Semester Break.

So, I made a SUMMER BUCKETLIST! It composes of stuff I want to do before summer ends. I won’t list all of them here, but it includes: going swimming, hanging out with my friends, and finishing Descendants of The Sun (I’M ALREADY IN EPISODE 14. WHY STOP NOW!?!?!). I think by doing all of the stuff I’ve written there, it’d help me spend my last month of vacation WITH NO REGRETS.

I’ll definitely post more stuff here over my last month of summer break. I’ll try posting on my other wordpress blog, too. I really hope I can do all those stuff!




The First Week of the Last Year

I am now in my fourth and last year of high school. This week was pretty stressful because of all the requirements and some assignments. I haven’t been posting on my Facebook pages or blogging here because I’m trying not to procrastinate much this year. This is my very last year of high school and I don’t want to screw it up. I really want to be awarded during recognition and graduation day. Graduation day!! Oh my gods, it’s like yesterday, I was this innocent girl crying because she misses her old school and friends. Now, well honestly speaking, I’m still me, just a bit more knowledgeable, more experienced, less innocent, and straighter hair. I haven’t really grown that much since first year, mostly because of lack of sleep.

But anyways, this week was alright. As of now, I like all my teachers. They seem sort of nice and they teach well. My classmates are okay, too. I have lunch with a few friends from my previous section or, sometimes, the section before that. My class schedule isn’t bad; It’s actually rather a good schedule. Basically, as people would say: 

Moving on to other things; I don’t think I’m over banana boy just yet. I really don’t know why. Whenever I see him, I just get this ridiculous adrenaline and rush away. Honestly, I’ve been trying to avoid him as much as possible because I can’t handle it. He’s been very nice and understanding about me having a crush on him last year, but he (let me rephrase this with “people who know a lot about him”) made it pretty clear that he likes (or maybe even loves) another girl and that he’s really really dedicated to her. In other words, in the end, I’m going to be the one to end up hurt if I don’t stop this right now. Maybe it’s because I just miss him and his familiarity to me? Maybe I just miss the sound of his voice when it breaks, his intelligence about history, and other stuff I liked about him. Okay, it’s over and I think the reason why I can’t say “hi” to him is that because we never actually did say “hi” to each other in a regular basis even before. I’m sure I’ll get over this sometime soon.

I’m also doing this “Weekend Bucketlist” thing where I list stuff I want to try during the weekends on the back of my notebook and try them. It’s mostly composed of music and movies this week. I’m hoping that it would make weekends more fun and less boring since I can try a lot of new stuff. 

The college exam is two months away. I need to continue studying during weekends and not screw up. I cannot screw this up. I. Just. Can’t. 

And, lastly, I watched “The Fault in Our Stars” movie today with my classmates last year and it was okay. As someone said to me, there isn’t any perfect adaptations, so given the circumstances, I think the movie was pretty close to the book. During the movie, I just kept remembering referenced to banana boy and ugh. I know we’re different. I know he likes someone else. Why do I still have this kind of feelings towards him? Nevermind. 

That pretty much sums up my week. See how many times I used the word “pretty”. I just don’t know what other adjective to use.