Summer Paradise

All my finals are over and I’ve passed everything I needed to, so I guess this marks the end of my freshmen year in college. I’VE FINISHED MY FIRST YEAR IN COLLEGE!! GODS!! I’ve never felt so free in my life. I don’t know my grades yet though, well except for Physics, but that just makes this the perfect time to enjoy before knowing and probably crying (I sure hope I didn’t fail anything though. That would suck BIG TIME!).

Okay, so it’s also the start of my summer, yes, summer. And I have loads of plans, big, fun, and slightly crazy plans for this summer! Okay, more on the adventurous side than crazy, I suppose, but what’s the fun without a bit of crazy?

Gym is a given, especially with the upcoming event next month. I need to suffer undergo the GM (General Motors) diet  again, which requires a lot of sacrifice, regarding food and partly well-being (healthier but no sweets or whatever huhu).

Besides physical fitness stuff, I’m planning to write as much as I can, not only in this blog, but I’ll try writing some stories. I was thinking of making a tumblr for story requests because it could be good practice for me. I’m also planning to make my other blog, Adventure is Always Out There, active by doing more adventurous stuff and experimenting (with cooking, art, etc.) more.

Ah and I’ll probably try improving my time management and being organized. I was really terrible this semester and I never want to go through that kind of hell ever again. It was the worst. THE WORST, I TELL YOU. Not because of the teachers, oh gods no, and not because of the classmates either (they were all awesome, to be honest). It’s more of because I was horrible at time management, so I was terrible with my classes, and everything just went down like that. But, I’m sure I’ll pass everything. I have to.

It’s summer after all. Who knows what’ll happen.

As always,