Flash Post 045: Keep Holding On

It’s two minutes before three o’ clock in the morning and I’m (sort of) in tears. Recently, I’ve been re-watching a few episodes of The Glee Project (Season One) and I am absolutely in love with this song!

In the show, my favorite version has always been Cameron’s. I had a crush on him and Damian when I first watched it (I don’t know if it was simultaneous or not) and, while I still kinda do, I think I got to appreciate their friendship more and Cameron’s sticking to his principles and beliefs and walking away with his head held high when he felt that this wasn’t what he wanted in life anymore.

(Yes, I edited the video. No I don’t own it. Yes, I’m not over it. Yes, I’m in love with his voice, too.)

Honestly, I don’t know what point I want to make by writing this post. It has been a long but enjoyable day and I was feeling strong emotions up to this point.

Now I just kinda want to sleep.

Good night/morning, world~! See you again later!



– To be continued.. Hopefully. –