Me, Only Better

As a year (almost) ends, another year begins! Truly, what I’ve experienced this year cannot simply be put into words. I’ve had days when I wanted time to stop and live the moment forever and days when I broke down and just settled for what I managed to do. I think that’s just life, you know? Everything’s temporary, everything changes, and everything will go on whether or not you want it to. But overall, it’s been a pretty good year. The good times brought me precious memories to remember and the bad times brought me learning. I really have a lot to learn since I’m nothing but an amateur which makes things more interesting, right? Knowing that you know nothing makes you see the world as an endless opportunity to gain knowledge.

That is why I decided to create this new page in my blog entitled “Me, Only Better” where I try to list down as many life lessons that I’ve learned as I can! I may or may not include a hyperlink to the post (or at least an explanation) with it, but I’ll really try if i can.  Honestly, I’m a person who forgets easily and  gets distracted too easily, too. Sucks! So, I hope this page can help me fix that AND help you somehow, too. You know, if I could help people and make an impact in their lives, I would! It’s a kind of selfishness in my part, but eh. So, progressing together towards becoming a better version of ourselves is a wonderful thing!

Oh, and feel free to comment your own “life lessons”! I would really love to hear and learn from you! I mean it! Or you can even write a post about that life lesson and link it here! Ah that would be amazing! I can even reblog it! Yes! Working together is such a wonderful thing!

1. Have confidence in yourself

You need to believe in yourself! Believe that you are a beautiful human being who is capable of achieving their goals and who can face the challenges that are thrown in their way. Lift your head high and strut your stuff. Learn how to speak your mind and voice out your opinions (Think before you speak though. Always remember that!) DO NOT think lowly of yourself. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are priceless. And I salute you! 

(Well, if you can’t really be that confident, as they say “fake it ’till you make it”. It works. And it would probably make you progress into really believing how much you’re really worth!)

2. Be open and really listen to what others have to say

Respect is a timeless virtue and one that really has to be upheld. Putting down your phones and really listening to what the people you’re conversing with have to say is a wonderful way of showing respect and showing them that you truly care. DO NOT contradict everything that goes against your beliefs. If it isn’t a life-or-death scenario, you don’t really have to impose them and to interrupt the speaker. And maybe those people even have good points. No one is perfect, but by helping each other out and inputting your own ideas, the output might be better!

3. Plan ahead (aka make a to-do list or organizer)

It’s easier to execute a plan when it’s been properly planned and organized, right? So whether it’s a huge event like a family gathering or something as simple as what you need to do the next day, it’s better to plan ahead. Personally, I think I become more productive and organized when I do that.

4. Mother knows best

As cliche it might sound, nothing can possibly be truer than this. After doing things my way, I regret that I failed to do the right thing and I realize how I could’ve avoided it by following what my mom told me. Yes, she may have flaws (cos she’s a human being, too, obviously) and she may have her own way of scolding me, but that’s her way of showing me that she loves and cares for me deeply.

5. Do not procrastinate and avoid cramming.

I just finished my first year in college and if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that procrastinating and cramming everything at the last minute won’t do you any good. Spend your time wisely, through effective time management (you can practice this, just try), and if there’s a scary huge project, chop it into easier tasks. And always study weeks ahead for major exams and frequently review your lessons. Personally, I’d rather not cram at least a month’s load of lessons into my brain in the matter of hours. I’ve tried.


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