Random Shoutout 002: This is Me (from The Greatest Showman)


I have fallen deeply in love with this song. I literally cried the first time I really listened to it and it still brings me to tears and makes me have goosebumps whenever I listen to it which is always, recently.

It’s similar to songs like Firework by Katy Perry and Brave by Sara Bareilles, but it’s different because it leans more to self-empowerment. I think that’s part of why it makes it so amazing – We can relate to it to a certain degree because there are times when we feel so insecure and ashamed of ourselves, but really, there’s nothing to be ashamed of because we are all beautiful human beings who deserve to be able to live life with no regrets.

I hope you’re all doing great! If you aren’t, it’s okay to feel sad and cry for a while.. even a while longer.. but you’ve got to get back out there and never give up because there are so many wonderful things still in store for you! ❤

Also, if you’re looking for similar songs, I’m thinking This is Me by Demi Lovato (Camp Rock) or Roar by Katy Perry. If you’ve got more songs in mind, drop a comment below! I’d really appreciate it! 🙂



Flash Post 030: I NEED TO SLEEP

Tomorrow is the first day of my second semester being a third year student and I’m having a hard time sleeping. It’s like the night before a field trip when you’re feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I’m super excited to start a brand new semester with new professors, new classmates, and a new schedule (which isn’t half bad, really), but I’m also nervous because of the same reasons.. new semester.. new professors.. new classmates.. new schedule. AND A NEW DORM! Ugh too many new things! Can I have another week to process all this?

Of course not.

So here I am, trying to express myself, through writing, to let go of some of my thoughts and feelings. I need to sleep soon cause’ I don’t want to sleep in class ON MY FIRST DAY.. or in the coming days. I want to break that habit, so I need to get proper sleep at least tonight.

But that’s probably not happening.

Starting tomorrow, I won’t be going to the same dorm I’ve stayed in since I was in first year, I’ll be following a different schedule which means I’ll have to adapt to this new schedule sooner or later, and I’ll probably be missing my schedule, classmates, and professors from last semester and the Christmas break that has come to past.

But it’ll work out – that I’m sure of! I just need to fix the things I need for tomorrow before going to bed and take ALL OF THIS one step at a time.

Let me end this post with a few of my favorite verses and some cute motivational .gif’s! As always, I am proud to be a Roman Catholic and whether or not you have the same religious beliefs, I respect you. So I ask you to do the same for me. Thank you and let’s all spread love and happiness!! ❤

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Image result for cute motivational gifs

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Twenty Eighteen

Happy new year to everyone!! I know it’s already the fourth day of the “new year”, so I’m kind of late with my greeting, but I didn’t want to post something rushed and crappy for my first post this 2018, so I decided to take my time to gather my thoughts and to feel inspired and motivated to face the year.

And after four days, here I am! I won’t be writing about the year that was simply because I’ve already written 47 posts about how my days went down and I’d very much like to close that chapter of  my life already, keeping the memories I cherish and lessons I’ve learned with me.

I’m turning TWENTY this year and, as much as I’d like to not turn TWENTY, it can’t be helped. I’m going to turn a year older and it just so happens that I’ve already spent 19 years in this world. I can’t really say I’ve done much during those years, but I’m currently studying in my dream university taking up a course I never really planned on taking but I now have come to like, so I’d say I spent generally most of those years in a not-so-bad way.

The year I turned 18 years old, I realized that the whole excitement of getting to throw a huge celebration and becoming legal is a trap. Yes, A TRAP. People suddenly expected me to become mature, to act like an adult, and all that. Let me just say that I’m a bit slower to become mature compared to other people, so all those years of being a teenager didn’t quite prepare me for these sudden expectations. It’s a bit scary, really, but I’m slowly getting my shit together and trying to do the right thing in situations. I would like to thank my parents, most especially, for loving and caring for me despite this “phase” I’m going through. Even I think I’m too old to be going through a phase, but I don’t really remember going through a legit rebellious phase during high school, so maybe this is it? I don’t know, but hopefully I’ll get through it as soon as possible.

I’ve decided that this year, Twenty Eighteen, is my year. Even before the clock struck 12, I’ve skimmed through a lot of posts and tweets about how this year is going to be the year of a lot of people and I think it’s great to start that year with that mindset – with a winning and positive attitude that we’re going to slay this year. I also admire the “new year, new me” attitude because I think a lot of people really want to change how they are as a person, their perspective on something, or even an aspect of their personality and what better time to start it than the beginning of another year, am I right? But let’s remember that every day is a new day and you don’t need a new year to decide that you’re going to change something about yourself and it’s okay to have fluctuations every now and then – the important thing is that you keep striving to become a better version of yourself. So if you’ve kind of given up on this year already, please don’t because it’s just the 4th day and I believe you can still do it.

That being said, I’d like to start and end the year with my head held up high and with that mindset. I admit that I’ve got a lot to work on with regard to myself and that I have ways to go in being the woman I want to become in the future, that smart, strong, independent woman I wrote about in one of my exams last year, but I’m a work-in-progress and every little step counts.

I’ve decided that my word of the year is Challenge. For this year, I’d like to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, to take risks and invest in things that would help me grow and become a better version of myself, to push myself to my limits, and to go above and beyond what I’m expected to do. It’s not an easy task and I’m going to take the whole year (or more) to accomplish it, but nothing great is ever achieved easily. And in the this year and my life revolve around God because when you entrust your life to Him, you are saved and He will reveal the wonderful future he has in store for you in His time.

So there you have it! This post might have been three days late, but I couldn’t have written this any sooner. I guess sometimes you just gotta take your time and take things slow.

Cheers to another amazing year ahead of us!! Let this year be another year of living life, laughing at simple things, and loving God, others, and of course, yourself!



Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas~

First of all, I’d like to greet you all a very merry Christmas!!

Image result for cute merry christmas gif

It’s wonderful to have a season for giving and receiving presents, for having reunions with people you haven’t seen in a while, for decorating our homes with Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and the like, but let’s not forget the reason for this season – Jesus Christ.

Related image

The Blessed Virgin Mary was a 14-year old girl who was betroth to marry a man named Joseph, a carpenter and from a descendant of David. She let God’s plan be done to her, according to His will, and she bore a son, Jesus. He wasn’t born in a fancy hospital, or even a home –  He was born inside a manger. He didn’t live an extravagant life, either, but His life, passion, death, and resurrection are what saved us. They are what continues to save us all.

If I had learned anything from my attending the dawn masses, it’s that a Christmas that has Christ as  its center is the best kind of Christmas, no matter how simple it might be. Advent is about preparing for His coming and Christmas is all about celebrating and rejoicing His birth with our family and friends.

Christ was given to us because of God’s love for us. He died for us because he loves us. My wish for you this Christmas is to feel loved, by Christ and by your family and friends, and to share your love to others, especially those who need love. Simple expressions of your love and random acts of kindness go a long way, I promise you.

And with that, I leave you with this amazing quote from Mother Teresa. Again, I wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas! May God bless you always~!

Image result for mother teresa great love

I am a Roman Catholic and I completely respect you, as a person, and your religious beliefs. I hope you could do the same for me.

And, really, love is universal, so I hope you feel loved and I hope you can spread the love to others! ❤



My Favorite Things 006


I didn’t have much of a hard time creating this board, but I don’t think it covers all of my “favorite things” during the two months that I didn’t post a board. But, these are things that I currently really like, so I guess this board still counts. Let’s begin!

1. Shakey’s Pizza

This one was also included in my previous “My Favorite Things” board because I really liked their food and it was quite notable since we didn’t get to eat there that often. I’m putting it up there now because our visits became more frequent over the past two months. I still very much cherish the times we get to go because it’s really quite price-y over there and the time and happiness I get to experience with my family is always priceless.


2. Riverdale (Season 2)

This season’s still on-going and I try to catch up with the episodes every weekend. Not only do the characters have so much personality and sides to them, but the story also has a lot of twist and turns! Those two combined in each episode really makes me on the edge EVERY FREAKING TIME!


3. Doctor Stranger

I started this Korean drama while studying for finals. Not the best timing, I know, but it was because I saw a clip on Facebook that got me curious about it. I only watched the first episode at that time because, duh, F I N A L S.

I watched the second episode this Tuesday and I HAVEN’T STOPPED WATCHING THE DRAMA EVER SINCE!! The story is really.. complicated, so I can’t explain it as properly as I’d like to. It’s called “Doctor Stranger” so it’s got a lot of medical stuff in it, along with a lot of political issues and hidden intentions, and the like. It’s got romance, which is kind of sprinkled everywhere cause’ it’s kind of the center of it all, but at the same time, it’s not. And some action, too. Really, this drama’s got pretty much everything, I think, and that’s what I like about it.


4. The Flash (Season 4)

If I’m not mistaken, this is the 3rd time I’ve included The Flash in here and that’s simply because it continues to be a really AWESOME show. The 4th season’s currently on-going and while it’s sad I can’t binge watch episodes, I like that there’s always new episodes every week. I think I can enjoy the episodes and the whole series that way.

There’s a new villain and, personally, I think he’s an asshole (sorry for the language, but he really kind of is). He’s a new guy and I’m pretty sure he didn’t show up cause’ of Barry. You know what I mean. The past two seasons revolved on conflicts that Barry (kind of caused) during the previous season, so it’s at least nice to see that it’s not Barry’s fault this time.


5. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

I literally just finished this book a few minutes ago and it really is an amazing masterpiece! It’s a book that’s got a lot more than romance in it – it’s got mystery and it tackles mental health, friendship, and Star Wars.

I’ve never really been able to properly describe things through proper writing, but I hope you give this book a chance because the writing is wonderful (as always, thanks John Green), the characters have much depth to them, the story strikes a balance between the reader wanting to finish the book as fast as possible and the them wanting to take their time in reading it , and you sort of get a glimpse of some things that are difficult to understand.

Read it. Now.



6. Quesadillas 

I’ve only eaten them during two events recently, but they’re REALLY good. I don’t get to eat that much Mexican food simply because we don’t get to eat at that many Mexican places. The second time was at Army Navy though and I liked it.

I think you get that I’ve only eaten it twice, so I can’t really describe it as well as I’d like right now, but I like it and I’d like to try it more, given the chance.

Moving on to the last one…


7. The Big Bang Theory

I’ve saved the best for last! I’ve included it in the previous board and I’m including it now because it’s really the best show to watch if you’re looking for show that’s light, funny, and 20-ish minutes long. During weekdays, it’s what I usually watch while having dinner and during weekends, my family and I usually watch it together at night.

If you haven’t tried watching it yet, I suggest that you do so. Although, if you’re tired from watching sitcoms, I suggest you

But if you aren’t

yet, you can binge watch The Big Bang Theory…

HAHAHAHAHA I’d apologize, but I’m not that sorry. After all, I wasn’t going to throw away


So there you have it, seven of my favorite things! I’ve also added some Hamilton in this post because how can I not? I was feeling



FOUR DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! Though I’m not feeling as Christmas-y as I did when I wrote this post, it’s still Christmas season and we’ve got a lot of reasons to celebrate and be thankful for, especially for the birth of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Once again, I’m a person who’s proud to be a Roman Catholic, but I respect you, whatever your religion or religious beliefs may be, so please do so for me, as well. I hope that you, too, will happily celebrate this season with your loved ones.

I guess that ends this post, but this month is only on its 21st day and I’ve still got a lot to write during this break.