Random Shoutout 11

I don’t know why, but I feel really tired and kinda sad right now. I want to watch just ONE episode of Meteor Garden before I dive into all the e-books, lecture slides, and notes I need to review, but the universe says “NO”.

So I had decided to settle for Youtube, then I found this!

And it just makes me want to watch more.

I have a long exam in my Psychology class, a long quiz in my stochastic processes class, and a problem set for my Statics class this Friday, then a long exam in my Statics class (will be my 2nd time to take the 2nd exam) next Monday and a long exam in my stochastic processes class next Tuesday.

I cannot fuck up especially during this time, but why can’t I just watch one episode???

And I haven’t seen him in weeks. I kinda miss him already which is weird considering the circumstances. I want to meet up, but that isn’t possible now either because of several reasons.




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