Random Shoutout 008: “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At The Disco

I’ve been (sort of) a fan of Panic! At The Disco’s music and music videos. It’s just super low key though, like my siblings were into it, so I listened to some of their songs and I liked it enough to listen to their other songs. I haven’t really gone deeper into the music and into the artists themselves, but I really appreciate their music.

And today I got the chance to their “new” song (well, it was released last June 21, so it’s kinda new?). When I first listened to it, I was doing homework, so I was on a different tab of my browser. I thought it was a great song and all that, so I thought of replaying it. But before that, I browsed through the comments and people were commenting about how it was a happy and sad at the same time and how only Brendon could pull such a thing that puts together gratitude and bitterness towards fame, SO I became curious about what they were talking about.

When I watched it again, I didn’t change tabs and finished the music video until the end and OH MY GOSH IT IS AMAZING AND EVEN GREATER THAN I FIRST THOUGHT IT WAS! Sure, the messaged was conveyed through simple means, but THE MESSAGE in the video and the song just leaves you in awe for a while and in love with it.

Now, I’m probably going to “research” more about Brendon starting with this video haha




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