Flash Post 011: I am NOT Procrastinating

IT’S ALREADY FEBRUARY AND I’VE ONLY POSTED HERE TWICE+THIS POST!! I also haven’t written ANYTHING new in my Wattpad account. PLUS, I’ve neglected my journal just a few days into this semester. Ugh. My life as a writer is a wreck.

I’m telling you, now, that this post won’t be anything close to inspiring or meaningful AT ALL. It’ll be decent, AT BEST. So, if you’re reading this to find some kind of hope in humanity and in life, please refer the posts I’ve oh so wonderfully written in the past.

SO.. I AM HORRIBLE AT TIME MANAGEMENT! Like, I feel I want to be organized and shit, but I lose motivation quickly and get distracted too easily! And it’s just so sad cos it’s what makes my life right now such a mess.

AND I STILL SLEEP DURING CLASS!! What kind of college student does that!?! I mean, it’d be okay if I studied after class, but NOOOOO… I suck.

I want to do loads of stuff, but there’s also a lot of stuff I need to do and the WHOLE thing is just terrible! T E R R I B L E!

I need to grow up and learn how to properly adult huhu DX





P.S. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write something meaningful soon..


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