My Favorite Things 001


Okay, so I decided to try something new for this blog, since it’s a new year, after all. I’m not quite sure what to call it yet so, for now, it’s called “My Favorite Things~” because I thought of that song from The Sound of Music while I was working on it. Basically, it’s a collage(-ish) of the things that I like (am sort of obsessed about) during a certain time. And what I’m posting today are the things I’m currently hooked to.

1. Yuri!!! on Ice

I started watching the anime during the week before Christmas. I didn’t think I’d like it that much since I wasn’t really into sports anime, but I’m so glad that I gave it a shot. I loved it! I don’t really want to spoil anything, so you could savor everything when you watch it, so I’ll keep my comments to a minimum. Besides the love you feel (yes, feel) between the characters, I loved the skating scenes because of the music and the skating itself. My appreciation for figure skating has increased a lot because of this anime and you’ll see in the next items how much this anime has affected my Christmas break and my life, as a whole.

2.Michael Martinez & Yuzuru Hanyu

While I was watching YoI, I also tried watching real life skating videos because I became interested in figure skating, in general. So I searched up Michael Martinez, the first skater in the Winter Olympics to come from Southeast Asia (kinda sounds like Phichit from YoI haha) and Yuzuru Hanyu, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics champion. I started with these two because they’re the ones I was most familiar with, but I’m browsing through more and more skating videos. I have huge respect for everyone in the skating industry- whether it’s figure skating or ice hockey- for being so passionate about something, for striving for what they love doing, for their immense dedication and perseverance, and so much more.

Michael Christian Martinez:

Yuzuru Hanyu:

3. Ice Skating

Another reason  why I salute skaters is because I know firsthand how hard it is to try skating. I mean, I’m sure most skaters started at a very young age, but I’m sure that they had to go through a lot to be as great as they are now (and they are great). I’ve only tried skating twice, but I kind of understand why they chose to pursue it anyway- because of that amazing feeling of gliding around the ice. And that’s just gliding! How much more amazing would it be to be able to spin and execute challenging jumps? Right now, I’m only a beginner, but I think it would be such a privilege to be able to learn more about skating. It also inspires me to strive for a fit body and healthy lifestyle because a skater would need stamina, endurance, flexibility, and the like to be able to skate properly and for a longer time duration. It’s something that bugs me a lot, but I know it’s possible and that I can do it (like Yuri haha goals!)

4. History Maker (Yuri!!! on Ice opening)

Whenever I listen to this song, I get really hyped! Originally, the song is sang by Dean Fujioka, but I’m currently really into Caleb Hyles’ version. The song itself is wonderful as it is though. It somehow gives me hope and motivates me to be better than I am now. I’m not really sure of anything at the moment, but I know that if I work hard enough, I can reach my dreams and go really far. I don’t know about making history, but I think that every little achievement is a milestone towards the future I want for myself. More than making history, I want to make an impact that would affect the lives of other people in a good way. I remember wanting to be in history books when I was younger, but now, I want people to remember me in their hearts as someone who did good, as someone who lived a good life and who gave it her all.

Anime Opening (Dean Fujioka):

Caleb Hyles’ version:

5. Bungou Stray Dogs

My siblings have been recommending this anime to me for a long time, but I only decided to watch it after they convinced (kinda forced) me to watch the first two episodes. Saying it caught my interest would be such an understatement. I was taken by the plot and the characters, as well as the animation and the action. Like YoI, I don’t want to spoil you on anything, but it’s something I would really encourage you to watch. It’s got a balance of comedy, action, fantasy, and a bit of drama. The characters aren’t just characters, rather, they have their own distinct personality and characteristics that make them them. 

You’d also see Atsushi Nakajima there in my board because he’s my favorite character (sorry, Dazai) mainly because of the character development you’d see from him. I can relate to him the most and you’ll just have to find out how when you watch it.

6. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

I love this anime because of how light and funny it is. There’s almost no drama and, overall, it’s an easy-going anime. It’s something I’d watch when I feel too down because it’s funny enough to lift up my spirit a bit. I’m going to spoil you a bit by saying that it’s a reverse harem, but at the same time, it’s kinda not. They’re together not only because they like the same girl, but because they enjoy each other’s company. And, well, the girl is really into Boy’s Love (also known as BL), so that creates a funny twist to the usual reverse harem situation.  The characters are interesting in their own way and you just enjoy watching it.

As you could probably see, there’s more pictures of a certain character, Asuma Mustumi (aka Mutsumi-senpai) because I’m rooting for him. I mean, I like all the other characters, but he’s my favorite because of reasons you’d understand when you watch it!

7. Hamilton

I honestly don’t know much about this yet since I only started being a fan yesterday. It started when I heard my siblings listening and singing along to “Satisfied” and “Congratulations”. I decided to give it a try and ended up enjoying myself. I love the beat and the lyrics of the songs. I’ll probably search up more about it and listen to more of the songs in its soundtrack. Also, I hope that I’ll be able to watch it live someday.



8. Hot Seafood Salad

I’ve liked this dish for a very long time, but it’s been a while since I last tasted it, so being able to eat it this Christmas break was it’s own kind of heaven. I kept on saying “Oishii!” and “Umai”. I know that’s a bit weird, especially when heard by a stranger, but it can’t be helped. I loved the dish and I was only expressing how much I enjoyed the meal.  I want to learn how to make it, so I’d be able to eat it more often and so that I could share it with my family and friends.

And that ends the board of “my favorite things”. I got the idea to make this from something an upperclassman of mine used to do on her blog. Actually, my friend and I made our blogs because we were inspired of that said upperclassman, so yeah, you could thank her for this segment and my blog. I’d tag her here, but we’re not that close haha.

Most likely, I’ll be posting again really soon because college resumes in 7 days and I’m still having kinda mixed feelings about it. I’m mostly happy and positive about it though, so it should be alright.

‘Till next time~

(Note: Honestly, I started writing this post by typing whatever I felt, but I had to stop midway because I lost the inspiration to write. So I re-wrote this post, making it a bit more organized and what not, and it ended up pretty neat haha.)





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