For You, From This Slightly Awkward Writer

Honestly, I’m not really good at writing poetry,

But my feelings can’t be expressed so openly,

Tried writing a story, didn’t know how to start,

So, here I am, with the thoughts I’d like to impart.



I started liking you since the very first day,

You had a nice face; just a happy crush anyway,

And you indirectly caused this writer a sprain,

Got distracted, missed a step, didn’t feel much pain.



Class was fun enough, you made it kinda brighter,

Just for a moment, everything seemed bit lighter,

I was early, and you, either late or absent,

Any exchanges between us? Non-existent.



But, there was this one time, when we actually talked,

By that time, you were so much more than how you looked,

Just a brief conversation, nothing note-worthy,

But enough to make me feel giddy- so happy.



We’ve reached the final stanza, me saying goodbye,

A poem is too short, but I just had to try,

I’m happy to have crossed paths with you, an artist,

Did my feelings reach you? I hope, at least the gist.


(Note: Well, this is quite different from my usual post nowadays, and that’s actually good since my usual posts are a bunch of rants haha. Originally, I had planned to post this on Wattpad, but I changed my mind later on because of reasons. So, as you might have guessed, this is a poem I wrote about one of my happy crushes this semester, someone who I probably won’t ever see again.)


One thought on “For You, From This Slightly Awkward Writer

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I knew I was hopeless and a romantic.. and I knew I wrote poems…
    I knew I wrote a poem about this particular guy.. but looking back, it’s just so nice to read this again.

    And I still like the poems I’m writing now the most.. at the moment HAHAHA

    Lots of love, you from the future ❤

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