Flash Post 009: Pause

A pause is what I badly need right now. I’m not asking for my summer back nor am I asking for Christmas/semester break to come sooner. All I’m asking for is a short pause, a short break, from how fast life seems to be going for me. A pause where I can relax a bit without worrying about all the stuff I haven’t done yet, where I can ponder upon my thoughts, where I can figure out how to continue the semester without losing my sanity, and where I can really think about how I want to live my life while balancing all the important stuff.

I’m really content with my life right now. I’m very blessed to have my family and friends loving and supporting me all the way, with the opportunities I have, especially the fact that I’m studying in my dream university, and so much more!

Since sixth grade, I’ve had a plan of how I want my life to be and who I want to be when I grow up. Well, that list of goals have been my sort of guide on what to do and it has helped me a lot through the years. I want make like that again. Of course I still have that list in mind, but I want to make something more concrete and specific that leads to those previous plans I had. I’ve also realized that sure, I might have my own plans for myself, but rather than my own, I should trust God’s beautiful plan for me. I’ve learned to entrust my life to Him, knowing he will never leave me nor forsaken me.

Okay, so this post is kinda messy haha. I’m really happy and content with my life right now. I just need a break cause’ it’s getting hard to catch up with life.

(Note: I just had my physics and engineering drawing exams last week and I have my Calculus exam tomorrow. I just literally need a pause HAHAHA.)





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