For the first time in my life, I want to try to sincerely understand something I’ve never understood, something I’ve never actually cared enough about. Sure, I’ve heard about it from here and there, saw a few videos related to it, and what not, but I’ve never actually considered it to be important to me mainly because it doesn’t really affect me or the people around me. What they say is true-Ignorance is bliss-but it’s selfish and self-centered to think that way about this type of matter.

This isn’t just another rant post, rather a serious post written by a person who knows nothing about what’s happening to the world she lives in, someone who wasn’t really interested in knowing about it until quite recently. What I want to know about, to understand, and to do something about is war. 

War isn’t something to be romanticized! It isn’t supposed to be written as some side story for a fictional book as some sort of conflict. It should be featured as it is. People should be aware-no, rather alarmed- with what is happening to some places in the world today. This is knowledge that is just as essential as Math and Science and it should be as relayed as the new celebrity news and hottest gossips.

People need to know and do what they can. We can’t trap ourselves in some illusion where everything is alright and continue to brush aside the people whose reality is war. Their lives are being destroyed, both literally and in terms of emotional and mental trauma, while most of us, especially the people reading this, are blessed with a home, the luxury of being able to use some sort of electronic device, and everything else.

I’m sorry I don’t really know how to phase it as right and as intense and urgent as I mean to. My point is that everyone should be alarmed with what’s happening to some countries in the world right now, what’s happening to the people who live in those countries. Just imagine if you and those you hold dear were in their shoes. Imagine. And then realize that that is what’s happening to them and to their loved ones right now.

So yes, here I am, a person who’s ignorant and who was barely sympathetic with it all just a while ago. I can’t even write a post about it properly because even till’ now, what I know about it doesn’t even scratch the surface. I want to know about it. I want to understand. I want to be disturbed by it. I want to realize how grave it really is.

Please help me to understand. Please enlighten me. Please voice out your thoughts about it. Please.




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