Flash Post 004:Writer’s BLOCK

It’s 2:53 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’ve been trying to write something decent in my Wattpad account for two hours and I can’t seem to think of anything good enough not to delete afterwards.

THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING WRITER’S BLOCK THAT I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED! I have like 0.0% inspiration to write and it sucks BIG TIME. I know I want to write something, something inspired and publish-worthy, but I can’t write.

I just unfriended my best friend because I couldn’t get over what we talked about and agreed on the other day. I feel that it’s better not to be reminded of that person for a while because it’s quite troublesome, really.

I just over think a lot of things too much. I’m sure these stuff will pass eventually.

School starts next week though.

(NOTE: Still no boyfriend, just a super close best friend.)


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