Figuring Stuff Out

It’s already the 12th of July and I’m quite enjoying what’s left of my summer. I’m not really ready to get back to college yet, but it’s getting there, I think. I just need to look at things in a positive way and to NEVER repeat the horrible performance I made last semester. I BARELY MADE IT OUT ALIVE!

Anyways, I’m currently writing some sort of book in Wattpad. It’s more like a compilation of one shot stories that I decide to write and actually publish. It’s one shots because I haven’t made a decent novel and I don’t really know if I’m capable to do so. Ah, but I’d love it if you’d take the time to read what I’ve written there. The title is How About Love? and my username there is YuriMiYuki Kame. So you should go check it out!

Also, I’ve made a Deviantart account last April, but I’m only posting some stuff now. I’m mostly into painting and traditional art. I don’t have a digital tablet and I don’t have those art softwares, so I’m sticking with traditional, for now. My username there is YuriMiYuki Kame! Check it out sometime! Oh and my friend, who’s taking up BS Animation, is really great and you should check out his works, too! His username there is Lomirina! He’s more into digital stuff, but he’s really good with traditional art!

So, this post has been nothing but promotion of what I’m working out at the moment haha. Well, I’d really appreciate it if you could drop by any of those sites! And if you’re interested in becoming a writer and/or an artist, you should make a Wattpad/Deviantart account! Leave me a comment/note/request when you drop by! Actually feel free to comment in this post, too, if you have any story/art requests! I’d be delighted to try to do them haha.

P.S. It’s been a month since my birthday! I’m officially 18 years and a month old!



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