1 hour and 44 minutes.

Technically, I only have an hour and 52 minutes left to be 17 years old. I know I don’t usually post like this, but I don’t usually have kinda big  birthday celebrations either, so this is fine, I think ha ha.

What to do? Well, I’m already planning what I’ll be doing when I turn 18. First of all, I’ll be getting my driver’s license! How grown up is that? haha.

Then, I’m probably going to get myself checked up if my blood is okay. I want to donate as much blood as I can in my lifetime, so I’m going to start as soon as I can.

Travelling around the world sounds fun, too. Japan is the first in my list, of course.

But maybe I’ll travel around my country first. My friends say it’s better that way.

Appreciating your own country. 

Sure sounds nice, I guess.

I’ll definitely be doing more stuff, but I can’t think of that many right now.

All I know is I still got a lot ahead of me.

Happy things

Sad things

All the stuff in between

Ah how exciting! What an adventure life is!




2 thoughts on “17

  1. Oh my, dear Girl with the Pen,
    Happy 18 birthday. CONGRATULATIONS. OMG 18, that’s something to be happy about. You’re now an adult. Or you’re seen as an adult by community. Now you can drive a car. Well I wish you all the best that one can wish for. And I wish you love. And the gift of being appreciated for who you are. You’re awesome. Know that. Always. Have a wonderful day and spend it with everyone you want to. Yeah. Do that. I wish you a splendid rest of the day. Bye

    • Thank you so much, mycrazyobsessionofbooks16!! I’m sending you a virtual hug right now! Did you feel it? haha.. Well, I kinda feel grown-up, but I’m still me and life goes on. Thank you for your well wishes and, even though there’s a high chance that it isn’t your birthday, I wish you all the best, too, and for you to choose to be happy, whatever the circumstances may be, because what else can one wish for in life but happiness? I might not know you personally, but I’ve read your blog and you comment on mine, so I can say that you’re an awesome person who has a voice that must be heard. Just keep on writing and expressing your thoughts and feelings! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, if not, remember you’re awesome! That’ll work for sure :).

      Much love, The Girl With The Pen

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