On Romance and Writing

I can’t deny that I love romance (and rom com) above all other genres of books and movies. I’m a total sucker for romantic novels and rom com movies. I don’t read the romantic adult pocketbooks though because I think I’m still a bit too young for that. I’m talking about novels by John Green, Stephanie Perkins, Keira Cass, and Rainbow Rowell, just to name a few.

I just finished “Anna and The French Kiss” a few minutes ago and “Lola and The Boy Next Door” about a week ago and I’ve been hooked back into romantic novels ever since. I’ve forgotten how amazing romantic novels are, probably because I’ve been more into anime and manga for the past few months (which isn’t such a bad thing, really). I’ve forgotten how words can take me away from reality and into this whole new world, how it feels to have butterflies in my stomach whenever there’s an incredibly sweet line or gesture or whatever, and how it feels like to be in love with the idea of love (and with fictional characters of course).

Someday, I want to write and publish my own romantic novel and/or write a script for a romantic (or rom com) movie. I’ve always been inclined to making up story ideas about romance that have, of course, it’s own twists and turns. Sure, some might think that it’s cliche or whatever, but there’s always something the author can do to change things up and still make it interesting.

I know I’m still an amateur writer who’s still very much inexperienced and still has a lot to learn. I know that I still have a long way to go before I can write a decent short story and an even longer way to go before I can write a decent novel. I know that I have yet to face a hundreds of criticisms, hundreds of rejections, and hundreds of other shitty things.

But I love romantic novels and movies. I love “love”. And I love writing. It’s what makes my heart beat faster. It’s how I deal with life when it gets a bit too much. It’s what I love doing. That’s why, no matter how hard it may be and no matter how long it might take, I’ll manage somehow. I’ll write, I’ll learn, I’ll improve, and I’ll write again with more knowledge about it than before. I’ll write and, someday, it’s going to be amazing.

(Note: WHY CAN’T I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT PHYSICS, MATH, AND CHEMISTRY? WHY CAN’T THEY BE LIKE ETIENNE ST CLAIR AND CRICKET BELL? UGH. In any case, I am loving Stephanie Perkins’ novels right now and I hope she writes more. I have yet to read “Isla and the Happily Ever After”, but I bet it’s as amazing as the two. AND I JUST REALIZED THAT ISLA IS IN “ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS” AND I LOVE HOW SHE DOES THAT! HOW SHE PUTS THE CHARACTERS OF HER BOOKS INTO HER OTHER BOOKS! But, just an advice, read “Anna and The French Kiss” before reading “Lola and The Boy Next Door” because you’ll get spoiled. BUT I LOVE THE BOOKS AND I LOVE STEPHANIE PERKINS!!)






3 thoughts on “On Romance and Writing

  1. Ahhhh the joys of a booklion (it’s a cooler version of bookworm). I also aspire to become a writer (a real deal writer) and be able to publish my work, too. Though, unlike you, I’m not much of a romcom type of writer (because my genre is fantasy) but I do enjoy reading them. Oh, and I also enjoyed Stephanie Perkins’s books. ^_^

    • A BOOKLION!! It sounds cooler than a bookworm, too haha.. And I like fantasy as a genre, too (I’VE READ THE WHOLE PJO AND HOO series!! Plus Divergent and HG!!). I can’t write fantasy tho so yeah haha.. I hope we’ll get published in our own respective genres someday..


      ~The Girl With The Pen

      • Ettienne St. Clair and Cricket Bell are too dreamy they are too good to be true. It’s probably the reason why I always prefer fictional guys over the real ones haha 😀

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