Don’t think about how your life sucks. Don’t look back at the past. Don’t believe that your physical appearance defines you. Don’t compare yourself to the people around you. Don’t hide your true self from others. Don’t get anxious about the troubles that lie ahead. Just. Run!

I genuinely believe that this life we have is a beautiful one! We may not realize it that often, but it is. You feel it when you let go of those depressing thoughts, that habit of overthinking, and those negative people in your lives and face those challenges head on. Nothing will come from worrying, I tell you. It only makes you panic to the point where you can’t think right.

Be content and happy with what you have. See how blessed you are and learn how to share the love to other people, especially those who need it the most. And by doing that, not only do you help those people, but cause a (probably) endless chain of events that make a positive impact on people. We don’t have an idea about what other people are going through, so isn’t it better to lessen their load a bit and treat them nicely? I think every single one of us deserves that.

And you are a beautiful human being! Stop comparing yourself to others because you are different from them. You have your own talents, own skills, own strengths, own weaknesses, own flaws, and so much more! Celebrate that individuality of yours! No one is better at being you than you! Speak up and share your thoughts (think before you act, though) because those thoughts of yours are worth something. Physical appearance? Be more than that! Go out of those constraints that are set by society and yourself. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! Do what makes you happy and feel confident. So, whether it’s about grades, physical appearance, materialistic things, and the like, do your own thing! Be-you-tiful!

I am so sick of getting depressed about knowing there’s school again next week. I’ve been thinking that way since last week AND I AM SICK OF IT! So what if there’s classes again? I am going to be happy about it! Nothing good will come from me mopping around already. I will face each day with my head held high and do my very best! I know I might not be perfect (HEEECK! MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY FROM IT, IN FACT!) but I am who I am and I will do whatever I can to grow into the woman I want to become, to step into the future I want for myself and for my family. Say it with me: “I can and I will!”

(NOTE: HAHAHA school in a week. I’m still trying to get myself positively hyped up about it. I’m sure I’ll get around. Why can’t school be fun, anyway? HA! Well, this post somehow helped me and I hope it helped you guys, too! Till’ next time! 🙂

Also, being a Roman Catholic, I entrust my life in God’s hands because he will never leave me nor forsaken me and because I believe that he has plans for me. If you’re of a different religion, I totally respect you! I’d appreciate if you respect me, too! 🙂

By the way, the featured image is taken from Google (credits to the rightful owner 🙂 ) and I gave this post the title “Run” because I feel like running towards your problems instead of running away from it will benefit you and make you stronger. Take the leap and live life!)






6 thoughts on “Run

  1. Dear thegirlwiththePen,
    This post so helped me out. And yes it is so important that you take yourself as you are because you are worth it. And anyone is worth it. We should be nice to other people who have more problems than we have. We should take anyone as who they are. Because anyone has things he is good at but also his own weaknesses and this is what I think we all should respect. Because if we don’t respect people, if we judge them for being who they are we hurt them. And this hurts are getting more and it’s so sad. No one should ever feel what it’s like not being respected for being who you are. And I think it’s important to be respected.
    School starts for me tomorrow too. I am not looking very forward for having exams again. After a too short break of two weeks. But now I have more motivation for school. Thank you.
    I am Catholic too so I respect your religion fully just to answer your post .
    I thank you for that post because you talked about such an important subject. Respect people and be nice to them. It is good to have same minded people. Well have a wonderful day or night or whatever.

    • Oh my! I don’t know how I somehow missed this comment for such a long time. Sorry for only approving of it and replying to it now. All of the things you’ve said are absolutely true! Respect is such a huge thing and I think everyone would feel better and the world would be brighter if all of us would respect one another. Really, we all have faults and flaws, so no one has the right to judge another for that. AND WHY LOOK AT THE NEGATIVES OF A PERSON WHEN IT’S SO MUCH BETTER TO LOOK AT THE POSITIVES, RIGHT?

      I’m somehow getting by my classes haha. I hope you’re doing alright, as well. Have a great day! 🙂

      ~The Girl With The Pen

      • Dear ~The Girl With The Pen,
        You totally understand and that’s why I appreciate you. It is true, when you look at the positives you feel better and the world would be more fair. Don’t apologise for writing back late. I totally get that. Well it’s somehow okay with getting by your classes sometimes. Well, I’m doing great, I hope you’re doing great too. Have a great day too. 🙂

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