Christmas in Our Hearts

(Note: The fourth paragraph is mainly for Christians. I’m a Roman Catholic, so it’s only normal for me to write this. But, I completely respect all religions and beliefs. I hope everyone can respect mine, too. Let’s all just get along, okay? Thank you so much!)


First of all, I’d like to greet all of you a belated very merry Christmas!! I know it’s really late, but I’ve been kinda busy with the family gatherings and enjoying Christmas break and all that it has to offer. I really hope you had fun with your loved ones during Christmas. Despite the hassles of having to cook the food and all the cleaning afterwards, I really did enjoy my Christmas with my family. We don’t really all get together that often, so it was nice spending some moments with them.

Personally, I think during this time, it’s also wonderful to reflect upon the many many things that you’re blessed with. Think of those things that you do have and be grateful for it. Complaining and comparing to what others have would only make a person discontent, therefore also unhappy. There are a lot of people who aren’t as privileged as other people are. If you’re reading this, then I’d assume your part of that percentage that could afford a computer, cellphone, or at least some money to go to a computer shop and rent a computer. That, by itself, is a privilege and you shouldn’t take it for granted. Also, treasure the people who love you and take care of you. Whether you’re rich or poor, these people share what they can to you and even go to great heights to give you what they couldn’t have for themselves. Don’t take them for granted because they won’t always be there with you. Take every opportunity you get to tell them that you love them and to show them your gratitude.

Also, share your blessings! Trust me, it feels so good when you’re able to give something or help someone in need. It’s more than sharing material things. It’s more like sharing the love! And when people share the love, it’s like a one step closer to peace. Love in our hearts and peace in this world is what we need more than anything!

Christmas is also the perfect time to thank God for blessing us with His holy son, Jesus Christ. He was born. He suffered. He died on the cross. And he rose again. And all of that and more was for us, sinners. I fear that one day, the true and pure essence of Christmas will be forgotten, that it will be covered up by presents, romance, and the like. Seriously! Isn’t Jesus the greatest present? Didn’t Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection profess the greatest love? Think about it. 

So, Christmas is such a wonderful time! Look beyond the materialistic gifts and realize the things that are truly important- living the moment, giving your time, sharing the love, and remembering Jesus Christ and how much he loves us!

Again, belated merry Christmas and happy holidays! ❤


With love, The Girl With The Pen


I suggest you read Giving > Receiving, too since it also has to do with Christmas and giving.



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