This year has really been something. From passing my dream university to graduating high school, from the four months of summer to my first semester in college. And now I’ve gotten in the organization I’ve been applying for. Now isn’t this Christmas? (Get it? *wink wink*)

Definitely, this year wasn’t just filled with jolly good moments, but also depressing and shitty ones. I remember the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness. But, looking back now, I realize that those things just made me a bit stronger than I was before. In the end, I’m thankful for them.

So, I know I’m just an amateur at this- writing, life, and all the rest, but listen to me when I tell you that you are an amazing human being and the future has so much more in store for you. I know it may seem hard right now, but everything’s temporary and you can and will get through it. Hang unto whatever you can, be it happy memories and the company of your loved ones. You’re bigger than whatever you’re facing. Trust yourself and, when you can’t find happiness, BE your own happiness.

(Note: Kinda short post. I admit it isn’t one of my best works, but I’ll post it all the same because this is how I feel right now. I can only hope that the message is properly conveyed to others and that it can help them somehow.

Oh and the image isn’t mine. I found it in google. Credits to the rightful owner 🙂 . )



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