My Selfish Desires

I’m really sorry, but these thoughts won’t go away,

I know I’m selfish, please, just listen for a while,

I also have this side of me, will you still stay?

This is me giving it my all, can I make you smile?


When we first met, t’was a day like any other,

I had no idea how special you would be to me,

I’m grateful to you, for you, to Father,

No matter how far, to my heart, you have the key.


Let’s sing karaoke, go to amusement parks!

Take pictures, give presents, share our meals, together,

Have debates, talk deep, exchange of witty remarks,

These things, I want with you, this is our forever.


I know that I’m flawed, even dramatic, at times,

I do not have it in me to bid you “adieu”,

I love you, though it doesn’t seem that way sometimes,

I don’t need so many friends, I need only you.


(Note: HA! I actually made something not so messed up for once! And, just to be clear, this is a poem for my best friends and not really for anyone else. I’m not really ready or even up to romantic relationships and those kind of commitments haha. I just really miss my friends and I want them to know how much they mean to me. Though, you’re free to interpret it your own way.)





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