Life is a Road Now and Forever

It’s already December 9, 2015! This year is almost ending and I can’t put into words how this year has been so special and memorable to me. Finding out that I got into my dream university, graduating high school with awards, experiencing FOUR months of summer, actually attending my dream university, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Of course I also had my fair share of shitty moments. I have rant posts in this blog to prove it (although it’s not always a legit rant, but eh). But, who doesn’t have shitty moments? And why do those moments have to overpower the really good ones? Those shitty moments taught me stuff and somehow made a bit stronger than I was before, so you know what, I’m glad to have had those shitty moments!

Also, I’ve come to the realization that I am one heck of a nostalgic person! I just finished re-reading graduation letters given to me and I just feel really happy that those people felt that way towards me. When I say “felt” it means that I’m not really sure whether or not they still feel that way. Things change, people change, life happens. But I’m still very grateful for receiving their letters and I wouldn’t trade those letters, those moments with the people who wrote them, and those feelings for anything!

I miss them. I don’t always have the luxury of time to express this, but I miss the people who I used to hang out with and who made my life in high school somewhat fun and definitely memorable. Actually, not only in high school, but everyone who made my life amazing and who made me feel special.

Honestly, I’m not a person who needs grand gestures to be touched. If you take the time to talk to me, listen to me, smile at me, greet me a simple “hello” or “goodbye”, I might not show it to you, but afterwards, I feel really happy and giddy and amazing haha. Also, those who take the time to comment on my posts, whether it’s a share of insights or complimenting my blog, you make me feel really happy by doing so. So, for everyone who has touched my life, thank you so much!

Oh and sorry to those people who think I’m clingy or annoying. I won’t always admit it, but being in a certain group of friends makes me really happy. Like, eating lunch together, walking to classes, getting to know each other more and having inside jokes. The last time I was in a group was when I was in elementary, so if I seem clingy it’s only because I want to be with you guys. I don’t have to pretend that I’m someone I’m really not and it’s just more fun that way, okay? Please don’t leave.

HA! This is yet another post that’s all over the place. Well, apparently I can’t write a proper blog post nowadays, but I think I can let this one slide because it’s just my raw thoughts being put into writing.

Oh, and FUN FACT! The title of this post was actually this blog’s url before I changed it. And it’s from the song “At the Beginning” featured in the movie “Anastasia”.

As for the picture, it’s something I took when we went to this amusement park. It doesn’t directly relate to this post, but I think sometimes, life is like a ferris wheel hahaha.





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