Hickory Dickory Dock

Personally, nowadays it feels like there’s never enough time. My weekdays are taken over by assignments, readings, and exams. Aside from that, although I don’t have that much extra-curricular stuff going on, I still have a few and that’s another thing to allot time for. Weekends are my pit stops or my momentary break, before repeating the cycle, that prevents me from exploding due to everything. But, of course, I can only squeeze so much time for family, myself, and recreation over the weekends because, despite it being the weekends, I still have a bunch of work to do. Sure, it may sound like I’m complaining and ranting and I know I don’t really have the right to do that since a lot of people have it a lot worse, but this isn’t my actual point in this post.

I believe that time is more valuable than money. Why? Well, because, unlike money, you can’t earn time. You can never get back the time you’ve already lost. Also, we, humans, only have a limited amount of time in this world. The worst part of that is that we don’t know the limit until we’ve reached it, otherwise known as death. It could range from a minute to fifty years from now! We can take the time we have right now for granted, not knowing when our last breath would be. Once you’re dead, you’re dead.

But death isn’t the point either. Death is inevitable. Eventually, everyone will die and everything will be swallowed into oblivion. What matters most is what you do with that short amount of time that has been granted to you. It’s that hyphen between the dates of our birth and death where we lived our lives the way we did. It’s what we do during that time that defines who we were.

Now, let me ask you, what are the most important people/things to you? What are your dreams and passions? These aren’t questions that could be answered quickly, so just contemplate upon them for a bit.

As I said, it feels as though there’s not enough time, and there might never be, so don’t panic or fear the lack of time. It’s probably always going to be that way. What you should really think about is how you spend the time you have and you can do that by knowing what has to be done and prioritizing them according to how important they are to you.

School and work wrecks this seemingly ideal system, don’t they? But, instead of thinking of them as stuff that you’re required to do in order to pass or earn money, think of them as stepping stones. I know it might sound funny, but when I was in my first year of high school, I had this chain thing where it said something like “homework – quiz – final exam – grade – *insert dream university here*”. For me, back then, it was a chain of events that eventually leads to the effect of whether or not I get into my dream university. I now know that it kinda commits a slippery slope fallacy, but it still has a point- that everything you do right now affects your future. So, yeah, you might think that a lot of other stuff are important than school and work and you’d rather do them instead, but wouldn’t it be better investing your time into your future?

But, of course, I’m not saying that everything else isn’t important. I just wanted to explain first that school and work aren’t just consuming your time for nothing, rather it’s an investment. Now, moving on to the other stuff.

Family Time. I can only write about this from my perspective because I don’t know how anyone else feels about their family, so if you don’t agree with what I write, feel free to skip ahead or read my other posts. So, this kind of time is something really important to me. Now that I’m attending college, I don’t get to spend as much time with my family as I used to. And I’m that type of person that doesn’t want to miss out on chances to play with my siblings, have real talk with my parents, and the like. I won’t live forever and neither will they. They are the most important people in my life and, though I forget and I act immature sometimes, I don’t want to regret not saying “I love you” enough, to regret not hugging or kissing them enough, and to regret not spending enough time with them to make us all feel loved.

Friends. Besides family, these are the people that you love the most. They are the ones that you share happy and crazy moments with and also, of course, sad and ugly moments, too. So it’s important to make time for these people to be able to satisfy your social needs and sanity.

“Me” Time. Of course you also need time for yourself. A time to reflect upon your words, actions, and other deep philosophical thoughts. This is the time wherein you can enjoy doing what you love (aka passions). This time could be while you’re walking alone to class or when you have actual free time to write, paint, dance, or whatever your passion is.

Recreational Time. I think this is different from “me” time because this is mostly the time where you do your hobbies, rather than your passions. Personally, this is my time for anime, reading, watching movies, so on and so forth.

And that’s basically it. There’s loads more of things that you need to make time for, but those are the only things I can think of, at the moment. Hopefully, I’ve made my point and have successfully conveyed it to you. I l also hope I’ve helped you somehow with life and time management. Personally, I still currently such at it, myself, but I try (hahaha). In fact, I still have to study for an exam in Math and prepare for a debate. Ugh. Well, don’t be like me and prioritize your time better, okay? Until next time!

P.S. The featured image is “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali



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