Who am I?

It’s easy to lose yourself in this world where society and the media influence you into becoming a person who is ideal and who fits in with their standards, telling you that you’d be happy if you’re like this and if you have that. Well, newsflash, although plenty of people are swayed by what they say, in the end, it’s just pretty much bullshit.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did what I say bother you? It’s supposed to. I want to bother you. Because life isn’t about living up to society’s standards and following the media to become happy and to turn into the ideal person who can make plenty of friends (in Facebook and in real life) and who can make numerous people fall in love with him/her. If that’s what life is for you, then you can stop reading now. It’s not too late to forget about this measly post of mine.

But, if you’ve realized that you don’t want a life dictated by other people, then be my guest and read ahead. We’re alike in that way, at least. Life isn’t about following society’s standards, rather it’s a person’s journey to find himself/herself through various ways. It’s a really difficult thing to do, since we’re constantly growing up and changing ourselves. But, rather than finding yourself, a person should create himself/herself.

How do we create ourselves? HA! I’m sorry for leading you on, but I’m not quite sure about it myself. I’m still in the journey, after all. But, I can try to suggest a few things, so that I could somehow help you, too.

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

I know firsthand how comfortable and secure a comfort zone could be, trust me. But, I also know that staying there would prevent me from exploring new horizons and seeing life in a different light. Try things that you wouldn’t normally do (that won’t endanger your life or any person’s life, for that matter) and find out for yourself what it feels like. Sure, it’ll be quite scary and uncertain, at first, but life’s too short to just stay inside a limited environment. Embrace the fear and just go for it. Though, you don’t need to rush yourself into doing things that are new to you. You can take it one step at a time.

2. Just be yourself

I know it’s a rather cliche thing to say, but it’s true. Personally, during my early years in high school, I really cared what other people thought of me. I was insecure and depressed about how I looked, especially since I’m kinda fat, but I’ve decided to just screw what other people think or say about me. I’m going to be myself and do things that make me happy. This right here is your life, not anyone else’s, so instead of depending your every move according to what other people think, depend it on who you are and what would make you happy. If people don’t accept you as you really are, then who the heck cares? Be with the ones who you’re comfortable being yourself with and accept you because it’s much easier (there’s no need to pretend to be someone else,which is a tiring thing to do) and more fun.

3. Express yourself

Whether it’s through verbal means, such as delivering a speech, or non-verbal means, such as writing, drawing, painting, and dancing, a person must have some way that they can express themselves. Personally, I don’t think I’d survive life without writing. I would have probably exploded a long time ago. It’s really enjoyable to pour your thoughts and feelings into something. And it could either be a way to convey your message to a certain someone or a group of people. Oh, an important thing about this is that you don’t need to seek for anyone’s approval. This is you’re thing and what other people think don’t matter. Personally, I used to really care about the number of followers, likes, and comments, but now, I’m just doing my own thing and if there are people who appreciate what I do, then it really makes me happy to know that I’ve somehow made someone’s day or somehow touched their lives.

4. Integrate the Kaizen culture in your life

Kaizen, in Japanese, means “continuous improvement” and if you’re the type of person that strives to become a better person every day, then this is exactly the right thing for you. Life is a process of constant learning and nobody’s perfect, so shatter the status quo into pieces by finding out your strengths and weaknesses and improve on those weak points. This isn’t something that happens quickly, rather it’s something that requires perseverance, serenity, and determination.

I think this needs more explanation, so I’ll give an example. I’m a person that takes about 2 hours to prepare in the morning. If I wake up at around 6 am on a day where I have a 7 am class, it’s a sure thing that I’d be late. Now that I am aware of that, I am capable of changing it. Instead of preparing my clothes and arranging the things I need for the day in the morning, I can prepare it at night, before I sleep. Instead of taking 30 minutes to take a bath, I can shorten it bit by bit until it’s only 15 minutes.

Being aware of your weaknesses gives you a chance to make a change. As the quote says, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done”.

5. Live. Laugh. Love

This is what I put in every post I write simply because these are words that I live by. Rather than just existing, which is what most people do, live your life! Do the things that you want to do, go to the places where you want to go, and live life in a way that makes you happy!

This life is stressful and hard enough as it is, so why not defy the norms and look at the brighter side of things? You’re alive! Today has so much in store for you, and so does tomorrow! Don’t go around constantly chasing the things you don’t have in the hopes that it would make you happy, rather, be happy and content with what you have. Laugh as much as possible because life is way too short to stay sad and depressed all the time.

And, lastly, love. Love is what’s most important in this world. Without love, I can’t even imagine what life would be like? And love isn’t limited to the romantic type, too. There’s all sorts of love! Love your family and friends. Share the love to those who you don’t even know but who are in need, such as the poor. Love God. And, as Whitney Houston said, “The greatest love of all is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself- it is the greatest love of all”. I know it isn’t always easy, but when you learn to love yourself, what other people say or do won’t matter. Personally, I believe that love is priceless and it’s above anything else because, with love, even world peace is attainable.

So that sums up what I suggest that you do in order to find yourself in this seemingly messed up world. I really hope you picked up a thing or two that can help you in life. I’m not a perfect person either and I’m still in a work in progress, but I believe that I can do these things if I really want to and if I really do my best. I bid you good luck in this journey. Until next time.

P.S. The featured picture isn’t mine. It’s just something I saw in Google that fits this post. Credits to the rightful owner :).



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