It seems normal to want to know more about you,

The things that you like, why you do the things that you do,

Somehow, I would like to become closer to you,

It’d be great if you’d wonder about me, too.



From your favorite things, to the things that you hate,

From your choice of coffee, to early morning thoughts,

The reasons why you wake up and why you sleep late,

The things that make you happy, things that make you cross.



Only a few of the questions I want answered,

Some things I would probably never confess,

I wish to comfort your cries, to hear your laughter,

But, for now, these thoughts- words that I cannot express.

(Note: I really think that intimacy is more on revealing oneself to someone else because that would make him/her vulnerable to that person. And I think it would really be an honor to be trusted by someone that much. Especially, if I were to be trusted to such a high degree by the person who I was thinking about while writing this poem.)



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