The Start of a New Chapter

I had experienced four whole months of summer, so it’s kinda difficult for me to process that I’m already starting to attend college and that I won’t be having that much free time soon. And I’ve been both utterly calm and awfully nervous about everything! Sometimes, I think I’ve already gotten the hang of it, but other times, I think I’ve learnt nothing during high school and I’m back to square one. It’s like history’s repeating itself and I still don’t know what to do.

To some degree, I’ve progressed in my goal of not being that really shy person, but it’s rather challenging to make such a leap of personality, so I’m taking it one it step at a time. The people that have the same course and have the same block as me are really quite nice and friendly. Actually, even the ones I meet while in line for something and those previous schoolmates I occasionally are really friendly, too. College really has a variety of all kinds of people with different personalities and interests which is what makes it even more fun and exciting to experience.

Unfortunately, I have that awful habit of sleeping in class, even now. And, as usual, it causes me to have to catch up and review the lessons after class more to be able to actually understand it. On top of that, I feel really guilty after waking up because I’m disrespecting the teacher to a certain degree, even if it’s unintentional.

Despite the fact that the campus is really huge and I have to travel a rather great amount of distance to get to my classes (depending on the building, but mostly it’s just this two buildings that are relatively far), I prefer walking to my classes (if I have time in between them, because of several reasons, specifically: 1.) To save money, 2.) To get some exercise, 3.) To learn more about the campus, and 4.) To reflect on stuff. Though, when I’m with my blockmates or other people, I can compromise that to be able to hang out with them, which is pretty good.

And my raging teenage hormones are more tempestuous than usual. I’d actually rather not mention anything here because it’s kind of gone out of hand and I’d just end up making a fool out of myself, yet again. Actually, just ignoring these hormones would really do anyone good because these kind of stuff would just make you feel too self-conscious and awkward when you see or when you’re with a person you like.

I guess that’s all for now. Ja ne~



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