13 Days

So, my grand four-month summer is about to come to an end. I only have thirteen days left, including the days that I’ll be moving into the dorm my friends and I found that’s sort of inside the university’s campus. I’m really relieved that we found a place that will accommodate all three of us because living with friends during my college life is quite reassuring and comforting.

Am I ready to become a college student? Well, four years of high school have definitely somewhat prepared me for this, but it’s like no matter how much I prepare for the five years of college to come, I’ll only know when I actually get there. It’s my dream university, so I have this positive outlook about everything. I hope this kind of attitude keeps up.

I haven’t studied at all for the past four months, so I’m gonna need to review some stuff next week, so that I won’t look like a total dumb person during the first few weeks. A lot of my block mates and students with the same course come from known schools. I don’t want to humiliate myself in front of them at any cost.

I hope that I will have more posts in my other blog, Adventure is Always Out There. I’ve realized that I’m not so good of a writer, especially when it comes to reviewing things, like food and amusement parks. But, at any rate, I hope you guys support that blog as much as you support this one.

This post is more like a journal entry than anything else. I just felt like ranting and writing in this blog about what I’m thinking and feeling at the moment. Ah I guess you guys reading this have just wasted a bit of time. Well, I hope you find more interesting and inspirational posts in this blog through browsing on using the search thing on the right.

As always,



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