13 Little Things I Started Doing Differently To Improve The Quality Of My Every Day Life

Thought Catalog

David LeeDavid Lee

1. Waking up 2 hours earlier than usual. I started making time for all the things I wished I had more time for – reading, exercising, working on side projects. This helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day before my actual work day even begins.

2. Drinking more water.  I’ll probably never drink “enough” water to ever truly feel hydrated (does anyone feel hydrated?) but by replacing my daily drinks like morning and afternoon coffee with water, it’s helped out with better skin and less headaches.

3. Taking the time to cook and to cook more creatively. Instead of surviving off of take out and a minimalist diet of peanut butter, raw veggies, nuts, and whatever’s in my cupboard I started planning my meals in advance and finding recipes for simple dishes before I went shopping.

4. Stopped trying to multi-task all the time and…

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