Going out there & Losing

I feel like writing a blog post just because I lost my very first actual contest. In case your wondering what it was, it was just a contest set up by a local store where I’m from which is pretty famous here. We had to take a photo inside or outside the store, send it to their e-mail address, then promote people to like it when they post it on their page. While I was rank second and competing with the girl with the most number of likes, somebody else got me from behind and won. The contest ended yesterday, or at least it was supposed to. I swear I checked like just before 12 midnight last night to make sure I was still leading, but then this afternoon, well BAM!

Oh you could bet I was pissed as fcking hell when I found out! I did almost everything I can do to win, well except share the picture at my college group which guarantees that I humiliate myself in front of my future college course mates. I’m sorry for not wanting to be seen as “that kind” of person. Ugh. Point is, I worked really hard to win the contest, and yet still failed. At the mall, I kinda promised never to go back to their stores ever again, but I’ll probably go back there in a while.

Why am I even posting this? It’s not like I’ve never felt like this all my life. Oh I’ve suffered this type of feeling most of high school, really. I guess it’s just because I don’t normally do these type of contests and I joined to put myself out there, the outside world. Though I’ve dealt with feelings like this before, it just hits me so hard every freakin’ time and I end up feeling horrible.

But, of course, no matter how terrible experiences or life is, there’s always, always, a bright side. If I hadn’t joined this contest, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to experience how those kind of contests work, wouldn’t have seen how people could be supportive (and be extremely grateful for all their help, time, and efforts), and wouldn’t have the guts to go outside this box that I’ve trapped myself and grown comfortable in. Though I lost and felt horrible, at first, that’s just how life works. You win some, you lose some.

Just because you failed at something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. If you stay down when life knocks you down, then it’s like giving up and just sulking alone. When you give up, you wouldn’t know the other possibilities and opportunities that await you if you’d only try again and give your best. It might not look like it, at the time, but just keep moving forward and fighting with all you’ve got, there’s a reward, big or small, waiting for you for sure.

Don’t give up. Keep trying to go out of your comfort zone. Keep moving forward.



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