Let It Go

You know that baggage you always bring with you everywhere? Those things you just can’t leave behind, just can’t let go of, for some reason. That past that still haunts you up to this day. That baggage just brings you down and hinders you from running away to a new adventure because it’s too heavy and too troubling. You understand which baggage I’m referring to, right? Well, do yourself a favor and LET IT GO.

Honestly, I know how depressing it feels whenever I think of the so-called “what-ifs” and the life I could be living if I had acted differently in certain situations, did the things I wanted to do, said the things I wanted to say, and went to the places I wanted to go to. But you and I both know that you’re never going to be able to go back to those times, that you can’t change what had already happened. Depending on the situation, one could give anything just to go back in time and fix it, but no matter what anyone gives, human beings just can’t do that.

Despite all of that depressing shit, there’s still something you have, something you can cherish, something you can do. And that’s the time you have right now, the present. If you did someone wrong, then stop being prideful and apologize what’s rightly yours to apologize for. If you got rejected in the past, then maybe that just isn’t the path for you, and there’s still infinite number of opportunities ahead of you if you keep striving. If you were once friends with the “popular” people but aren’t now, you do have friends right now, yes? And I guess if you aren’t friends with them anymore, something must have happened, Maybe you didn’t cherish them enough? So don’t make the same mistake twice and be grateful for the friends you have now.

Live your life in the present, because whether you like it or not, you can go to neither the past nor the future. I know certain memories, faces, and places may trigger you to remember the past and make it haunt you into being depressed over and over again, but it’s too much for anyone to suffer those things again and again. Accept and learn from the past, then continue living your life to the fullest, in the present, making sure you’d die knowing that you lived without any regrets.



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