This is ME

I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to be someone else, to not be me, rather someone else who seems prettier, skinnier, smarter, nicer, and the like. It’s like whenever I see the pictures of my former classmates, even of my friends, I can’t help but compare myself to them. I’m definitely not skinny, not that pretty, and not that social. So, I’m here in front of my computer while other people my age go out and stuff. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m pretty sure that at times you feel the same way, like you’re not as good as everybody else, or you see your flaws more than your good traits. It’s rather normal to think that way sometimes. Of course there’s someone who’d be greater than you, and someone who’d be greater than them, at one aspect or another. Remember, we’re all human beings here, after all. You shouldn’t feel down about yourself just because you think someone’s greater than you, rather be proud of who you are.

Really, if you’re gonna mope about everyone who you think is better than you, you’re living a sad life, my friend. Face it or not, you’re not going to be anyone else but you, so don’t be ashamed of yourself, rather, love yourself for who you are. That is what you look like and that is the life you’re living. Yeah, it might not be perfect, but that’s you, and there’s no one else in this whole universe that could be better at being you than you. If you wanna improve on the points you think are your weaknesses, then by all means, do, but don’t do it for anyone else besides yourself. Work hard towards the things that would make you happy.

And another thing is that, I think, you should accept and love yourself first before anything else, serious relationships included, cause’ it builds a strong foundation as to who you are. Think of it like this, if you love yourself, and someone asks you to change for them to love you, you wouldn’t settle for that person because you know that you’re a great enough person already and if someone really loves you, they’d love the real you, not someone you pretend to be to win over their love. That’s really too much to ask of a person, really. I firmly believe that everyone deserves that kind of people in their lives, someone who would love them and care for them no matter what cause’ they already accept you for who you truly are.

Be happy and love yourself, alright? Sayonara~



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