She looks so P E R F E C T

First of all, I would like to clarify that I am not a homosexual or bisexual person, not that there’s anything wrong with being those kind of people. I’m just not and I’m merely writing this post because it’s my summer break and this is what I’m doing with my time. I think everyone has the right to fancy or love the people they choose and I really respect that.

Okay, so it’s a beautiful summer day, and I’m just here, at home, using my computer. I’m not complaining or anything, but I need to do something worthwhile very soon. The internet’s too slow for manga or anime, so here I am.

I wonder how people could get close to a person, even to the point of loving them, then just breaking it off. I guess it must be something really serious to have to do that. Eh, I think everyone has their own reasons for doing stuff like that. Ugh.

Another thing that’s kinda bugging me is how perfect other people look and I’m just here looking somewhat less. Being alone and writing really makes me overthink stuff. It’s just that, after high school, most of my batchmates look fantastic, so much better than how they looked before. When will my transformation be?

And missing people! What’s up with that, right? Missing people, even the ones that don’t really care about you that much now. I guess there’s a reason for being apart from them and it’s better off that way, anyway.

Alright. I think I’ve got enough of my shit together. I have to do something productive or exciting quick. Sayonara~



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