Three Years and Counting

What would life be like without a companion to travel with? It would be awfully lonely at times and it would definitely be more difficult to continue struggling through life’s up’s and down’s. Just think about it. No one to celebrate with during happy moments and no one to turn to during sad moments. Indeed, it would definitely be a lonesome life. Personally, I would probably explode into tears every now and then if I was in that situation because life is hard as it is, and without anyone to accompany you in it’s journey, it would really be tougher.

And change, whether we like it or not, is inevitable. Things change. People change. Life happens. That’s just it. As you go through life, you gain new friends and lose friends that you thought you’d never lose. You get hurt with backstabbing from other people, and with betrayal from the ones you thought wouldn’t even try to hurt you. Some people leave you for other people and just simply forget you. It’s hurts like shit, I know, but you can’t say that you haven’t done these things to someone, either. We’ve all done this, whether it was intentional or unintentional, one way or another. That’s normal. That’s life.

I’m still young. I still have a lot to learn about life. I’m still an amateur compared to those who have experienced a lot and have gone through loads of happiness and sadness. Although I’ve gone through my own experiences, there’s still a lot more to go. I will continue living life, despite all it’s harsh realities, because it is indeed a life worth living, not merely existing.  I will continue loving, despite the possibility of getting hurt, because it is, after all, the most important thing in the whole world.  And I will continue laughing, despite all those sad memories and sad events to come, because how much harder would it be if I kept going through life with a frown in my face? If I’m going to live only once in this damaged, yet beautiful, world of ours, might as well live it to the best of my abilities, nothing less. By living, loving, and laughing, I will make this short life of mine please my standards of a wonderful life, and hopefully influence a good change in this world, no matter how small or forgettable it may be.

Wait a second, why am I getting sentimentally deep all of the sudden? Well, my dear reader, it is because today, April 13, 2015, is this blog’s third birthday! Yes, you read it right, THIRD BIRTHDAY!! Exactly three years ago, I made this blog, simply because I liked the idea of having a blog, with a friend of mine who had, unfortunately, already deleted her blog before it got to it’s first year. I can’t blame her though. I also went through a period when I wanted to delete this blog because I felt insecure of how many followers, likes, and the such it had. But then I decided to screw all of those things and just write. So, although I convince myself not to be conscious about the figures, I really truly appreciate all you, readers and followers. I am grateful for the people who read my posts and take the time to comment. I didn’t think I’d get this much followers, and it might not be as many as other people’s blog’s, but I don’t care. I am really thankful for each and every one of you.

So, this little blog of mine has kept me company for three years already. Though I do have friends, as I said, change is inevitable, so I’m relieved that I will always have that one companion to turn to in times of despair and share happy and insightful moments with. And that companion is my blog. Not that I don’t appreciate my family and friends. I am genuinely grateful to have been blessed with such loving and supportive family and friends, but of course there are still things and times when they don’t understand me and such, and during those times, this blog is where I let all my thoughts and feelings flow freely. And now, I’m about to embark on another adventure, the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Fortunately, I didn’t fuck up and I am blessed to have been accepted in my dream university. Oh my gods! I didn’t fuck up! You have to forgive me for seeming a bit over dramatic, but you see, I read a blog post of mine yesterday saying “I’m going to college next year, which means that I’ll take some entrance exams later this year and I’m dead nervous. Those tests define my future and, whatever happens, I’d like to know that I’ve done my best. I don’t know what’s in store for me, but I really hope that I don’t mess anything up. I feel like these things are happening too fast. It feels too real now and I have to do everything I can to pass those tests. Why did I say those stuff? Well, in the future, I’ll be reading this and would probably be smiling because present me has no idea what the future holds for me. I really wish I could gather my shit enough to not fuck up. Hmm.. what would this blog be like a year from now? Would I still be posting? Would I feel happy because I already know what my university would be? Would I be sad because I didn’t get in my dream university? I guess I have no way of knowing.”  I know now that I didn’t fuck up. Am I boasting too much, ah apologies. I’m just really happy.

As busy and tired as I might be in this coming school year, I don’t think I could survive the five long years of my course without this little blog of mine, my constant companion through life’s adventures. Yes, the future is still a great mystery of me, a mystery I have yet to unravel, but one thing’s for sure: I will keep writing here until my heart stops beating. It might not be as frequent nor as good as before, but, as I previously said, how lonesome life would be without a companion, right?

‘Till next time, forever and always, The Girl With The Pen




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