DAY FOUR: Countdown

I am annoyed by how little progress I’ve made, so far, this summer. And I don’t even know why I’m doing this daily post thing cause’ I’d obviously run out of interesting things to say and just stop this whole thing, but, I guess I did it to make myself more determined to do shit. And I think that’s a fair enough reason to continue this.

So, today at gym, it was really aggravating. I usually cover the part that shows how long you’ve been using the machine cause’ I don’t want to know that I’ve only been working out for five minutes, and yet, so tired already. But oh gods, the thirty minutes I spent on the treadmill felt endless. Physically, my feet were tired of walking fast (6.5 was the speed I was using) and, emotionally, I tried not thinking too much, cause’ over thinking doesn’t lead to anything good.

I could not wait for the 30 minutes to be over. I don’t know why but it felt more draining today, than the first. Although I kept a rather positive way of thinking throughout the whole workout, I really had to push myself into being progressive. I needed to push myself from taking a break every five minutes cause’ that would just make me less used to it and feel like giving up. It really sucks.

Other than gym, I really haven’t started anything this summer. I didn’t get to pick out recipes for me to cook. I haven’t written the concept paper for the tutorial I’m planning to do. I haven’t even watched the anime that I was planning to watch. Gods. I need to start things and I need to start them quickly.

Oh, and for motivational purposes in the future, at the moment, I am 170 pounds. I don’t know my ideal weight though, but I’m aiming a weight loss of at least 20 pounds this whole four months of summer. I sure hope that’s enough and that I could reach that goal weight.



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