Honestly, I have already spent two weeks and one day of my summer and, most of that time, I did absolutely nothing. This summer break will be my grandest summer vacation yet because it will last for not only the usual two months, but an additional two months, too, making this summer last for FOUR MONTHS!! And I have been really excited for this summer, ever since I found out that my classes will be starting at August, wait, even before then. And, yet, here I am, doing absolutely nothing.

Of course I’m planning some activities that would make my four-month summer worthwhile. One of them is, once again, attempting to go to the gym. Only one attempt, so far, had succeeded, while the others have failed miserably. It’s just really depressing to be in the gym, for me. Like, all those problems, insecurities, depression, and other shitty things come to mind whenever I wake up and force myself to go to the gym. Facing the truth, I’m really fat and overweight. I’ll be attending a very demanding university next school year so I have to be fit and healthy. I cannot afford to have this kind of weight there. And, facing another fact, I’m a woman now, so whether I like it or not, I have to look good to some degree.

I will also be learning how to cook. I’ve tried cooking here and there, but since, again, I will be attending a demanding university far from my city, I’ll have to be independent. My parents are going to give me a cooking budget and that sounds neat cause’ I get responsibility for something while finding awesome recipes to try through the net. I want to be able to cook foods from different cuisines, especially the Japanese cuisine, since I love anime.

I’m convincing my parents to make me take some self-defense classes, like martial arts or something like that. I thought of the idea cause’ I was really inspired by Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) for being so amazing in the battlefield, so strong, so courageous, and so brave. I also need it because of the university I’m going to. I need to be able to defend myself to get through all of it. It’s practically essential.

Another thing is the list of anime, manga, books, and movies I’m planning to read/watch. It is summer, after all, and those are the things that I find quite enjoyable. Yes, some people might say that they’re a waste of time, but screw them. This is my life and these are the things that keep me going everyday, especially during school.

And since I’m going to be attending college next school year, I have to be really mature, responsible, reliable, and organized when it comes to everything. Face it or not, I’m not a kid anymore. I am solely responsible for my actions, not my parents or anyone else. I need to stop being so lazy and stubborn and actually do things by myself without anyone ordering me to. I have to grow up and start becoming the woman I want to be in the future, that will serve as a role model to my siblings, that will make my family proud, that will satisfy the standards, morals, principles, and values that I will have set for myself, nothing less.

So with everything I’ve said and failed to say in this post of mine, I’m planning to keep track of my record probably by a day-to-day basis so that I’d have the motivation and dedication to continue what I do. This is an adventure in the present, and a memory in the future, so might as well try to keep a record of it somehow.



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