DAY ONE: Realistic

Realistically speaking, I don’t know shit about anything related to going to the gym, healthy diets, and to losing a heck load of weight within a month or so. I was supposed to start going to gym today, but due to the circumstances, I won’t be able to start today, rather tomorrow. So now,  I’ve been browsing and printing stuff about effective workouts and diets, but it really is like a foreign language to me.

During the previous times that I’ve attempted to go to the gym, I didn’t follow any concrete routine or anything. I just went there, used cardio machines for about an hour, tried lifting some weights, then headed to the sauna. That’s it. I found out that I should be progressing my workout routine every day or every week, but, ugh, I really don’t know.

No one’s pushing me to do all of this though. My parents are content with me just using the machines and going to the sauna, but I really want to see some improvement in my body size, weight, and activeness in doing stuff. Honestly, I’ve been lying around all day, so far, this summer. It’s sickening, really.

I think I badly need a professional trainer or shit, but I don’t think I’m comfortable with the ones in my gym, and it costs a lot of money. Going to the gym alone requires a lot of money, much more with a personal trainer. If only I’d understand the terms and actually have the guts and energy to perform all those shit in the gym, I can do it alone. I can and I will.

I guess I’m going to spend this day planning out the things I will do this summer and fix my room. I need to practice sleeping all by myself, too, since UNIVERSITY.



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