Happiness & Fulfillment

(Note: I just finished watching and crying because of “Angel Beats!”. It’s a really wonderful anime about the afterlife. I’d say that it’s a mix of comedy, action, and a tad of drama. I seriously recommend it to anyone who watches anime and enjoys this post of mine, since this post was inspired by the anime.)

While we are living, we can only believe thoughts and ideas about the afterlife. There have been some incidents where people experience a state of death for a while then revive. Those events bring up more theories and such about what happens after we die. And then, of course, there are these different religions with different beliefs about the concept of death and afterlife. We can try as hard as we can to figure out what happens next, but then, no matter how far we get with those researches and experiments, we can only truly experience it when we’re dead.

Now, really thinking about it, what else could a dead person want but eternal peace? One can say that this world is cruel and does not take into favor what one desires for. We, human beings, are too preoccupied with what society expects of us: to perform well in academics, to get a degree in college, to find a good job, to have a family, and what not. Besides that, our time on Earth is as limited as it can be. We never know when, where, and how we’re going to die. For all I know, I could die in my sleep (which I personally think is one of the worse ways to go).

My point is that what we want to achieve in life in order to be completely fulfilled and happy might not be clear. It could be several things like hitting a home run, executing a pro-wrestler move, and getting married, or it could be just one thing, like thanking the person that gave you a heart. Whatever the case, we should strive towards it through everything we do.

One can be really busy with life and tasks at hand, but he must also remember that this, right here, is the only life we’ve got. Once, we’re dead, there’s no going back. And being unsure of what happens in the afterlife, one must not hope for only pleasures nor should one dread the thought eternal despair. Really, we can’t do anything about it but hold on to whatever beliefs we have and do our best in this one life we were blessed with.

A fulfilling life with no regrets whatsoever is what one might hope for. Relying on pure hope won’t get you there, though. You must act and do everything you can do make each second of your life count. And do the things truly important to you, not those that are important in someone else’s standards. This is your life, not theirs. People might mock you for doing such useless and unimportant things, but listen, if the things you pursue to do are really important to you, don’t give a damn about what they say.

Wow, this post is really all over the place, but I hope you understand the points I’m trying to send to all of you: Life is short and awfully uncertain. We must do everything in our power to achieve true happiness and fulfillment through everything we do. Do the things that matter to you and screw those who say otherwise.

I really hope I delivered the message. I really recommend you to watch “Angel Beats!” to learn more about life, friendship, happiness, love, and the like. If you were (somehow) moved or inspired by this post, you really must watch it.




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