Fairytales & Love Stories

Ask me about anything and I feel my reply would be really long and profound. I take most things seriously and I think I might be really sensitive, sometimes a bit too sensitive. And now, I’m going to write about my views on fairytales and I have a lot of things to say.

First of all, watching and reading fairytales as a kid, I don’t think I appreciated it and understood it well enough. I mean, what would you expect from a mere innocent child? I guess I grew up to become an overthinker and a hopeless and sappy romantic. I sort of feel what they felt in times of distress and want what they wanted, which was a happy ever after, but unlike them, I don’t have a fairy godmother. I don’t get depressed because of it though, because I’m real and they aren’t.

Then I wondered if there’s somebody that’s not in the spotlight who also fancies the prince charming. What happens to them? Don’t they get a shot in a happy ever after with the one they love? Why does the lead always get the guy? Or, at the very least, why is the person in the background not even recognized? I guess everyone has their own story to tell, but most of them don’t reach other people because it isn’t good enough. I mean, who would want to hear about some girl who has a hopeless crush on somebody else’s prince charming, right?

Sometimes, I make up these scenarios in my head. They are bloody wonderful and, unfortunately, unrealistic, as well. They get my hopes up, then destroy them. It’s my fault for making such silly delusions. It’s stupid and impractical in this world. I guess that’s how it is when you really like somebody, right? You keep wanting such fiction-like moments to happen. Most of the time, it doesn’t and you end up feeling quite bad.

Ugh. What the hell am I saying? I know so much better than to think and write about these sort of things. I know better than to hope that I’d beย thatย girl. I know that it’s far more better being like Queen Elsa, Mulan, And Tiana, then to be like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I feel that I need to be that kind of girl that doesn’t need a guy. I want to be the girl that a guy would need, someone smart, independent, strong, and awesome. Not someone like me.

….And this is what I get for reading and watching too many fairytales, shoujo manga, and romantic (comedy) books and films. I don’t really expect anything out of the ordinary to happen to me, like in those previously mentioned FICTIONAL literature and art. I just want that they guy I like to talk to me first, make some kind of effort, to be willing to talk when I need someone to talk to, to watch anime or movies with me, to sort of understand both my good side and bad side, and like me for me. Those things would most likely not happen partly because I keep falling for people who like other people.

Aargh.. well.. someday, I’m going to meet someone who will.



7 thoughts on “Fairytales & Love Stories

  1. Well, it won’t be worth much. But here are my two cents on things. Getting embroiled in a love triange, can only lead to disaster. And the hurt will be that much tougher to deal with. Finding the right guy, will take its time. Just be glad that you’re not rushing in to a releationship. By doing so, will only end up being a disaster for you. The right guy probably is looking in your direction, but you’ve not seen it or paid any attention to it. Who says you’re not: smart, strong, independant and awesome. A guy will take you for your qualities. That you have. Yes it sucks, that you end up faling for the wrong guy. That can’t be helped. I’ve said this already, finding the right guy will take its time. But be patient. He probably is looking at you: waiting to be your prince charming. Don’t jump at the first sign, that a guy who gives you any attention to be ‘prince charming’. Wait and find out to see what he is like. Chances are, he isn’t prince charming after all. Prince charming are usually the ones that take you for you, as you to him. It’s always tough to be the ‘back ground’ kid. Where no one notices you. Heres one thing I learnt whilst being the back ground kid. You have to shine even brighter to make yourself be seen. And when you do shine, you shine.

    • Worth is subjective and this right here, for me, is worth a lot. Taking you so much for taking the time to read my post and write a somewhat lengthy comment. And you really do have a point in not rushing into a relationship, not thinking that the first guy that takes an interest in you or humors you with his replies is your prince charming, and being the “background kid”. Honestly, it really does mean a lot to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~The Girl With The Pen

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