Beginnings & Endings

(Note: This is my 45th post for this year!! I know I haven’t been posting as much as I did the past few years, but that’s because I have gotten a lot busier and somewhat uninspired to write most of the time.)

Another year is about to end. A year filled with both good and bad memories for all of us human beings. That’s how life works, I guess. 525,600 minutes is how long a year is. Looking back at it now, are you happy that you have done the things you did, have said the things you said, have felt the way you felt? Is there a point of this year which you want to redo, a point of this year you want to replay? Did you spend the each and every minute of the year wisely, basing from your definition of “wise”.

Broken promises. Broken hearts. Broken dreams. I guess you could can’t deny that you’ve gone through those this year, one way or another. It hurts doesn’t it? It feels like this unending agony which you really can’t move on from. You might think that it could have worked if you did some things differently, said more things, and the like. I’m really sorry to say this but, whether you accept it or not, there’s nothing you can do about those moments anymore. What you have is this moment, right now, and it’s up to you whether or not you make a move. Instead of mopping around and sulking, decide what you’re going to do about it. And it’s never too late, well unless you’re dead.

For whom did you live your life this year? Was it to impress people, to live up to your folks’ expectations, or the like? Did you really find happiness and contentment in the end? When people try to live for anyone other than themselves, somehow they trade their own happiness for the happiness of those people. While it’s okay to bring happiness to other people, don’t let their happiness overthrow yours. You have to make sure that you’re happy with your life, too, because life is short and unexpected. You might die any second and you wouldn’t want your final moments to be filled with regret, right?

Any new year’s resolutions? Personally, I have my own list, too. Although I know that I would most likely forget it around January 2, 2015, it would still count and I’ll try my best not to disregard it. It’s really important to know that everyone has weaknesses as well as strengths, including yourself. It’s really normal and making a list of what you can improve on helps somehow.

A lot has happened in a year and a lot more will happen in the following year, but that’s too much to think about, isn’t it? So, why not just live life one day at a time? I hope you’re year will be filled with joy, lessons, and the like.



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