Giving & Receiving

It’s almost Christmas!! Are you done shopping and wrapping the gifts that you’re going to give? Have you planned for the activities and the reunions? Have you bought the food that you are going to eat with your family and friends?

Besides this season being a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with your family and friends, this would also be an excellent time to realize what you have, be content, and feel thankful for everything, even the little things. They won’t always be there and you won’t always be here, so, stop yearning for more and just be really happy with what you currently have.

Another thing that you should do this time of the year is to give and share whatever you can to others, especially the less fortunate. Give gifts because you want to express your gratitude or genuine feelings towards people, not because you want them to feel like they are indebted to you, to ask something in return, or to impress people. I know sometimes those sort of thing can’t be helped, but, as much as possible, try to give presents from the heart. There really is no better way.

Going back to the less fortunate, we should really do and share what we can with them, even through simple ways. Do you have any spare gifts? clothes that don’t fit you anymore? extra money? Then instead of stocking them away to the unknown for who knows how long, donate them to a charity/orphanage or just give them to the kids or adults on the streets. Trust me, the feeling of satisfaction you get when you help someone is indescribable.

I really hope you enjoy this wonderful time of the  year!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~!!



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