Life & Lemons

At some point in life, everyone realizes that life isn’t always going to go as they had planned it. Life doesn’t ask you what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to meet, and how you want things to be. No matter how hard we try or whatever we do, we really just can’t plan what happens to us ahead.

But, of course, we ourselves contribute a lot to our future, besides circumstances and the like. What we do today influence how tomorrow turns out. Honestly, regardless of whatever outside factors manipulate the things that has yet to come, we are at fault, too, nonetheless.

Really, in an ideal world, everyone would have received the grades they wanted, would have gone to the college they’ve been planning to attend, would have gotten the person of their dreams, would have landed the job they’ve always wanted, and would have had the life they’ve always desired. But, even for such a crazy idea, it’s a fact that people wouldn’t be content and continue to want more things because they wouldn’t know and appreciate what they have. They wouldn’t know how painful it is to fail, how terrible it is to lose, and how agonizing it is to be rejected. So, in one way or another, experiencing sorrowful things in life help us to learn and cherish the things we do have.

You win some, you lose some. Absolutely everyone has surely gone through good and bad times and will definitely go through more, until they’re heart stops beating. Really, all we can do is do our damn best and hope that things go alright. Whatever happens, we should accept it and believe that God has his plan for us. And we should also be content and make use of everything and everyone we have because life is temporary and everything that goes with it is fleeting, too.



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