When I’m Gone

I don’t know when, where, and how I’m going to die. No one does. For me, the worse way would be during my sleep and the best way would be in a hospital due to some critical illness. I don’t want to die a sudden death, but who am I to plan my own death?

I’ve decided that I will write a farewell letter every year on my birthday so that, whatever happens to me, the people I leave behind would have something to read, something to hold on to, something from me. I started the first letter this year and, unfortunately, not on my birthday, rather the day I decided that I would do it.

I want my family to read this blog of mine and feel comfort through the words that I had written during my lifetime. I can only hope that they remember me through this little page of mine that I have kept so dearly to my heart. In this blog are words and in those words lie my deepest thoughts and emotions. Somehow, I can still be with them through life, and they could still feel me by their side.

But, before I fall lifeless, I want to know, during my last few moments in this world, that I had done everything I wanted to do, that I had lived the life I wanted for myself, that I don’t regret anything I did and failed to do. What else is there to ask for when you’re lying on your deathbed?


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