Shake It Off~~

I’m not really that much of a Taylor Swift fan. I listen to her music and I don’t particularly dislike her. But, I have taken so much interest for this song of hers which I have been listening to almost non-stop since last Friday. I like the concept of the lyrics and the content the music video shows. Now, being too critical and too logical about everything just sucks the fun and happiness from things, so why not choose to just enjoy the good music?

Anyways, people usually judge people for whatever they display in public. They could say really mean and obnoxious comments about your hair, your clothes, your habits, and what not. They wouldn’t necessarily say this in front of you. Heck, most of the time, they’d say this behind your back, making you clueless about the things they think of you.

Then, they’d start making jokes about you and laugh at you whenever you pass by. It would definitely make you feel inferior and self-conscious. “What’s wrong with me?” you’d start to say and start to find flaws and weakness in everything you do. It’s really hard feeling insecure about yourself all the time.

But, the thing is, people will hate and judge you for everything that you do. They’d make fun of you just for the sake of entertainment and hate on you just because you’re not like them, because you’re different. So, why would you have to stop being happy about who you are and what you do just because other people find it annoying?

Be yourself, say whatever you feel like saying, and do the things that make you happy. Screw other people. They need to stop fucking around other people’s lives and mind their own business. If they really want to help you improve, they’d approach you personally and tell you directly what you’re doing wrong. Now, it’s for you to decide whether or not those people have a point.



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