Christmas is Coming

We were born into this world to some family that we did not choose, to a life we didn’t have a say otherwise. All men are not born equal, in the sense some people would have us believe.  Some are obviously more privileged than others, whether it’s in terms of finance, talent, intelligence, and what not.

First of all, everyone should be content with whatever they have. They are blessed with so many wonderful things that take for granted, most of the time, mostly because they’re busy comparing themselves with other people, envying them for what they have. It’s always a choice whether you’re going to be happy with what you have or you’re going to rant about the things you don’t. It’s absolutely futile to feel sad because of the things you don’t have because, really, it’s an endless list. If you’re going to look at things that way, you’re a goner. You’re letting life pull you down and beat you to a pulp. Be grateful for what you have because somewhere around the world, people don’t have those things.

Secondly, while you’re enjoying the things you have, there are people who lack those things. I’m not saying that you should feel depressed about it or brag about whatever you have to make them feel inferior, rather, I’m saying that people who are privileged enough to have more than enough should sincerely share their blessings with others, especially those who need it.

“How am I going to do that?” you might say. Well, there are a lot of ways, from simple methods like donating some clothes that are too big for you and allotting some money to be able to buy some grocery for them to donating an amount of money to an organization or a cause. Seriously, there’s a ton of ways to give them some love. You may make a living with what you get, but you make a life with what you give. Think about it.

*I, myself, am trying to clean and find some stuff that I can donate. I really feel sorry for them, not because they’re inferior to me or anything, but because they only have little to eat, almost nowhere to live, and the like while I take the things I have for granted. I really want to do something to be able to help them, even a little.*



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