The Girl of His Dreams

Why am I writing about this? Why am I dragging myself back here again? Why bother writing a post completely about the guy I’ve been liking for more almost a year now and the girl he really fancies.

I’m writing this because I feel like it. I write because I like expressing my thoughts and emotions and right now, this is something I really want to write about. He’s always somewhere in my mind no matter what day it is or what time it is. It’s semester break, after all, so I might as well spend some time blogging.

If you’re trying to find something worthwhile and somehow inspiring, this post isn’t really for you. Try searching on the space provided on the right side of this blog.

Anyways, back to the point. I guess everyone has someone they like. It’s just how things are. It’s completely normal. And there’s a lot of reasons as to why people like other people. It might be because of their charming physical appearance, their amazing personality, and what not. They admire the other person enough to think about them often.

There are also a lot of instances where a person that another person likes doesn’t like them back. That’s as normal as having a crush is. It’s a matter of perspective, really. If you’re the one who likes the person that likes another person, you’d feel really sad and rejected. If you’re the person that likes another person, you’d feel pretty hopeful and happy. If you’re the person a person likes, well, you’d feel flattered, I guess. Anyone could be any one of the three, and someone might be all of the three.

It’s pretty complicated when you really think about it. Love, that is. Or, at the least, admiration. I try to avoid the urge to overthink the whole thing and prevent myself from writing anything about it. But, since I have free time and I want to let it all out, here I am.

He’s really different from the other guys. He’s weird, in the best sense of the word possible. I don’t know why I like him this much, but I do. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t really have the reason to like him. I just can’t explain it as good as other people would. I can’t seem to express it as easily as I do with writing about other stuff. I don’t know when and how I really started liking him. It just happened, really. And now, he’s occupying a lot of space in my blog.

The “girl of his dreams” is really quite cute. I don’t know what she’s like but my friend says she’s nice. I’ve been in the same group as here, and I don’t think I left that much of a good impression. She’s really into the stuff he likes. She’s much smarter than I am. She’s really lucky to have him as a person that likes her.

I have no right. I really don’t have any business bothering with whatever it is that’s happening between them, much less bothering about his life. But, it just can’t be helped, can it?

I guess, in one way or another, everyone wants to find someone that would admire their personality and love them for who they are. I am definitely one of them. I am also one of the sappiest and most hopeless of all romantics. I write these love stories and scripts that have a lot of cheesy lines. I’m really annoyed by myself because of this. But, that’s who I am and the least that I can do is accept it.

I don’t really have to move on to another guy. That kind of sucks when it’s said like that. I don’t really want to find another crush for now. I really don’t care about that now. Right now, I care about him, a bit too much. And it’s really bothering me. I want to remove his importance to me. I want to demote him back to a classmate, at the very least, a friend, at most.

I guess that’s done. I don’t really know if I’ve written everything I want to say and write, but that’s all that I can remember right now. I won’t bother remembering more stuff because that would only bring back so much about him. I guess I bid him good luck (for the nth time) with whatever he’s doing. And goodbye, hopefully.



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